Laura And Veronica Childs Reach Amazon’s Best Seller Lists With The No Hunger Diet

Laura Childs (50) and her daughter Veronica (20) have lost over 70 pounds in the last few months by following a diet they call the “Low Carb High Fat No Hunger Diet.” While losing the weight and learning about nutrition, both women shared informative links, recipes, and personal triumphs on their favorite social networks. Shares that would soon add three hours to their day at the keyboard, answering private messages from friends who had also been battling the bulge.

“We both work full time jobs, own pets, have houses to clean and meals to prepare, just like everyone else,” the 20 year old Veronica lamented, “there wasn’t enough time in a day to help everyone!” Laura, an avid researcher who works from home, shared how they solved this problem:  Together they searched for a way to support their friends and their growing network.  They scoured diet books and foodie blogs, looking for one complete resource that taught the same principles they were following and recommended similar meals.

“When we came up short, we knew we had to write a book explaining the adapted protocols we followed – none of which are new or revolutionary,” Laura added. “The diet is little more than a few core concepts of three successful diet plans, with a little common sense and fresh research added into the mix. It worked for us and now it’s working for others. Even our baby boomer friends have been losing weight without hunger!”

They couldn’t help but wonder if a diet could be that easy, work that well and still be medically sound. “Most people – even women over 40 – will lose weight on LCHF without hunger,” The Diet Doctor, Andreas Eenfeldt MD, says. “There is no weighing your food, no counting, no bizarre “meal replacements,” no pills. There is just real food and common sense.”

The 220 page book holds 80 of the Childs’ easy to follow recipes with detailed nutrition information for each. One chapter introduces the topic of macro-nutrients in food – carbohydrates, fats and protein – and how our bodies convert these nutrients into energy. Carbohydrate counts of common foods, the dangers of cooking with (and even consuming) specific oils, which natural foods to avoid and the reasons why, a 10 step list to get started losing weight plus their own personal records are just a few of the topics covered within.

“The Complete Low Carb High Fat No Hunger Diet” is exactly as the title suggests and everything the authors had hoped to accomplish. Initially written and uploaded as a handbook to support their friends’ desire to lose weight with them, the book has since been seen on Amazon’s Best Seller lists in the past three weeks.

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