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Are Your Employees ‘Dying for a Paycheck’? New Collaborative Book Shares How to Create a Great Work Culture Where This Doesn’t Happen

Stanford business school professor Jeffrey Pfeffer’s recently published book, Dying for a Paycheck: How Modern Management Harms Employee Health and Company Performance — and What We Can Do About It, takes an honest but disturbing look at the negative effects that U.S. workplaces can have on employees’ health and well-being. It’s no secret that U.S. […]

Daily Success Show Premieres in June 2018 on Business Innovators Network

Tami Patzer, Daily Success™ Creator and Publisher of Daily Success™, Women Innovators, Thought Leaders Show, Optimal Health Show and Beyond the Best Seller™ Solutions, has launched its latest interview series Daily Success™ Word of the Day. Now in production, the Daily Success™ Word of the Day features thought leaders, innovators, makers, and givers who share […]

Jerica Glasper to Host Business Innovators Radio Show

Entrepreneur Jerica Glasper is set to host episodes of Business Innovators Radio.  Business Innovators Radio is an online newscast featuring sit-down interviews with experts and influencers sharing their strategies for success.  Entrepreneur Jerica Glasper will be hosting episodes for Business Innovators Radio, an online newscast featuring influencers sharing their strategies for success. Glasper excels in […]

Jerica Glasper Selected To Open An Authority Media Agency Serving Licensed Professionals and Local Business Owners

Expert Status Media & Marketing Agency is opening in Dallas, Texas to help entrepreneurs and professional service providers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and nationally create authority positioning for their business. Entrepreneur, Jerica Glasper, was selected to open an authority media agency in Dallas that will focus on serving the alternative health and wellness industry. Glasper‘s agency, Expert Status Media & Marketing Agency, will […]

Best Selling Authors Melanie Churella Johnson and Jenn Foster Hit No. 1 in Five Categories

Melanie Churella Johnson and Jenn Foster of Elite Online Publishing release another No. 1 Bestseller on On the day of release, the “7 Costly Mistakes When Choosing a Publisher: Self Publishing Secrets That Will Save You Thousands” book started its upward movement towards best-seller status on and reached No.1 best-seller status in five categories including […]

5 Ways To Use Behavioral Psychology To Build Your Brand

You’ve built your business from scratch, established your niche specialty and connected with your audience. So now what? You want to take your business to the next level. Build your brand. Spread your message globally. Huge global brands across the world separate themselves as industry leaders by connecting with their audience’s core needs. How do they […]

Yuri Kruman Wants Millennial Execs to Own Their Career and Life Mission

“If you’re a Millennial exec who’s feeling stuck and frustrated at work, I can help you get out of a rut, find clarity and alignment in life and win your dream job – and also start a successful side business.” Yes, this statement sounds like a bold claim, but Yuri Kruman has a big message: […]

Painting Projects with Happy Endings Start with a Plan

When it’s time for repainting an office or home, the best end experience starts with a plan, and a budget that fits that plan, according to Don Johanson, of Johanson Painting, Decorating and Handyman Services. An expert in commercial and residential painting, Johanson is passionate about making sure his clients are happy with the project. […]

The Secrets to Effective Social Media Reputation Management

If people are talking about your personal or business brand on social media, you naturally want to know about it. In order to elevate your brand image, it’s important to maintain a good social media reputation. Why? Anything that gets posted online can either make or break your brand. Positive reviews build trust and in […]

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