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Marie Grasmeier CPA Stands Out in Real Estate Investing Field

You won’t find many CPA professionals with the experience and success that Marie Grasmeier has in real estate investing. That’s exactly what sets CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and CMA (Certified Management Accountant) Marie Grasmeier apart from the rest in her field. The founder of her own company, Grasmeier Business Consulting, she is based in Fort […]

Zabrina Horton Offers ‘Two-for-One’ Real Estate Investment Strategy

Los Angeles-based real estate investor, Zabrina Horton, has carved herself a unique niche within the vast industry. As the founder of Dream Worthy Investments, what sets her apart from others within the field is that she helps investors strengthen their credit profile so they can qualify to invest in multi-family units that are affordable. Such […]

Michelle Bosch Turns Land Investments into Forever Cash for New Investors

Michelle Bosch is giving investors their time back with her life-changing land investment education. Bosch is a seasoned land investor who offers forever income opportunities that include land and multi-family units. Since 2002, she has completed over 4,000 real estate transactions and runs a successful educational business with her husband, Jack, in addition to her […]

Thiefaine Magré Making Supply Chain Accessible A Concierge for Your Business

Thiefaine Magré is not your ordinary businessman. He’s as genial as he is savvy, and his line of work defies the boundaries of consulting and manufacturing. To the small businesses he serves, Magré’s work is a godsend at some of the most stressful times for a business owner, and for others, he’s the integral component […]

Beverly Marketing Consulting Company, The Story Stylist, Wins dotCOMM Award for New Website

 The Story Stylist recently won the dotCOMM Platinum Award for the B2B website category. Presented by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals, this prestigious award honors excellence in web creativity and digital communication. The Story Stylist, a Beverly marketing consulting company, turns innovative and purposeful small business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs into authorities in their field by […]

Are Your Employees ‘Dying for a Paycheck’? New Collaborative Book Shares How to Create a Great Work Culture Where This Doesn’t Happen

Stanford business school professor Jeffrey Pfeffer’s recently published book, Dying for a Paycheck: How Modern Management Harms Employee Health and Company Performance — and What We Can Do About It, takes an honest but disturbing look at the negative effects that U.S. workplaces can have on employees’ health and well-being. It’s no secret that U.S. […]

Daily Success Show Premieres in June 2018 on Business Innovators Network

Tami Patzer, Daily Success™ Creator and Publisher of Daily Success™, Women Innovators, Thought Leaders Show, Optimal Health Show and Beyond the Best Seller™ Solutions, has launched its latest interview series Daily Success™ Word of the Day. Now in production, the Daily Success™ Word of the Day features thought leaders, innovators, makers, and givers who share […]

Jerica Glasper to Host Business Innovators Radio Show

Entrepreneur Jerica Glasper is set to host episodes of Business Innovators Radio.  Business Innovators Radio is an online newscast featuring sit-down interviews with experts and influencers sharing their strategies for success.  Entrepreneur Jerica Glasper will be hosting episodes for Business Innovators Radio, an online newscast featuring influencers sharing their strategies for success. Glasper excels in […]

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