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Southern California Mold Specialist Mark Levy Explains How Mold In Your Home Could Be Destroying Your Health: What You Need To Know Now

Mark Levy, founder of The Mold Guy, a professional mold inspection service, inspects and tests for molds, allergens and other microbial contaminants in homes and workplaces. Levy offers environmental inspections to identify mold and moisture problems which may be contaminating the home or work environment and in some cases, making people sick. “Most people are […]

Real Estate Finance & Valuation Expert, Mary Jo Lachica, Spots “Perfect Storm” On 2014 Horizon For Real Estate Investors

Several market forces are intersecting in 2014 to bring about a “perfect storm” for real estate investors looking to increase their cash-flows and overall portfolio holdings while avoiding the typical capital gains tax consequences. This is according to California-based, real estate finance and valuation expert, Mary Jo Lachica. Lachica, a 20-year veteran of the real […]

L.A. Real Estate Investor Barrington Malcolm Sees Trend Of Hedge Funds Inflating Home Values

Barrington Malcolm, CEO of Dynasty Dynamics Inc., an experienced Real Estate Investor and expert in California real estate says that the trend he’s observing in the market is billionaire hedge fund investors have purchased so many properties it’s reduced the supply available, inflating home values. Barrington says eventually when they decide to sell these properties the […]

Delaware Realtor, Will Webber Shares Strategies On How To Select The Best Realtor

Will Webber, a Newark based Realtor, Broker and Partner in Keller Williams Realty, offers some important insights and advice to home buyers and sellers as the market begins to rebound. Webber suggests that, “You make sure you listen to more than the Realtor’s sales pitch. Make sure you apply some discernment in selecting a person […]

Pam Ryan, True Matriarch Of Small Business Brokerage In Calgary

In 1984 the small business brokerage industry did not exist in Calgary, nor anywhere in Canada except for large accounting firms such as Price Waterhouse and other consulting firms that dealt mainly with large acquisitions. Back then, Gary Perron and Doug Kosan, of Calgary, went shopping to establish the small business brokerage industry. They happened […]

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