Art Exhibit In Princeton, WV – Artist Promise Sloan Shares CityScapes Art Exhibit

The most recent works of artist Promise Sloan will be presented at the Diamonds ‘N Gold Look Art Gallery in Princeton, WV on Saturday, December 12, from 7 to 9 p.m. The exhibit, entitled Cityscapes, is a collection of both local and urban area cityscapes done in oils. It includes cityscapes of Princeton, Bluefield, and Beckley.

The mountains of West Virginia are not known for being an art Mecca. Those who love and enjoy art are hard pressed to find appealing work without leaving the state and heading for the larger cities of the eastern seaboard. Artist Promise Sloan is from Princeton, WV and has been a working graphic artist for years, but recently after 10 years of working on graphics for newspapers, she felt a need to return to her studio to work on canvas and attempt expressing her artistic passions. She hopes to bring a little of the outside artistic world to the small West Virginia town. Sometimes day-to-day life in West Virginia can be hard for many and sometimes people need a bit of a break.

According to Pablo Picasso, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” This could explain the goals of Promise Sloan. When asked to explain the works she will be displaying, Sloan said, “This was my first studio session in over 10 years. I experimented with different ideas, ranging from thought process, emotions, colors, to textures. I want you to see my art through my mind, touch, and eyes. My ultimate goal is to give you another view of life through the colors of my palette, the strokes of my paint, or the eyes of my canvas. I want the colors I choose and the textures on my canvases to help you escape to another time, another place, perhaps even a shift of mood or new understanding or revelation.”

Sloan has lived in rural West Virginia her entire life and looks forward to sharing her views of local cityscapes, while possibly helping others to appreciate them in a different way. The Mercer Street gallery is proud to present her intriguing, auspicious collection.

For more information or to contact the gallery:

Diamonds’N Gold Look 

901 Mercer Street Princeton, WV 24740

(304) 425-7830