Animation Ants Owner, Nathan Robinson, Shares Tips to Guide Small Business Owners to Using Video Marketing Effectively

Business owners can avoid lead and sales problems when doing marketing for their business by doing their due diligence when selecting their marketing media. In searching for a unique and high-converting marketing angle, Small and Medium-size Business (SMBs) owners usually debate between pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and various other content types. More often than not, they forget to explore the avenue of video marketing for business.

With 55% of people watching videos online, businesses can’t be left out in the cold, overlooking the power of video marketing. Integrating it into a marketing strategy can be a pivotal point for a business, allowing them to expand their horizons rapidly. Some of the following tips will help to bring local business owners more customers and clients with how to do video marketing.

Know The Goal With Video Marketing Examples.

“If you’ve launched a new product, make a video specific to the page it’s going on. If you’re promoting an event or workshop you’re holding, be sure to make a video for that as well. If you can keep your messages clear and divided, your response with increase multiple times its’ normal rate”, suggests Robinson.

Be sure to add in contact info and a call to action at the end of the video, or at the bottom of the screen for the duration of the video to ensure people see the business contact information and the desired action to be taken.

Grab The Target Audience’s Attention Quickly

Robinson states, “You only have a short amount of time to grab your audience’s attention (a few seconds to be specific), so make sure you do it quick. Your video should immediately spark their curiosity, capture their attention and make them want to watch longer.”

Avoid being “salesy” and craft the correct message for your audience. If they are unable to resonate with the message in the video within the first 5 seconds, they’ll likely close out and look for information somewhere else.

Provide Value To The Viewers.

Establishing a genuine connection with the audience is key to brand reputation and customer loyalty. Whether it’s a how-to video for education about a product or a heartfelt video that tugs at their emotions, consumers appreciate these types of posts mixed in with ones that are less salesy.

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