Yuri Kruman Wants Millennial Execs to Own Their Career and Life Mission

“If you’re a Millennial exec who’s feeling stuck and frustrated at work, I can help you get out of a rut, find clarity and alignment in life and win your dream job – and also start a successful side business.”

Yes, this statement sounds like a bold claim, but Yuri Kruman has a big message: He wants to help Millennials find their life mission, pursue it and monetize it to transform their careers.

“Perhaps they want to move from a Fortune 500 company to a startup, or never have a boss again and start their own,” Yuri says. “Either way, I help them create a career and business action plan, craft the perfect message for each audience and execute to get the results they want.”

In fact, Yuri will be making his message on alignment available as part of a multi-author book project called “Cycles”, which will be released in 2018. In addition he is working on his own book, “How to Master the Talk: Leveraging Language to Create Opportunity”, also due out in 2018.

So What Is Yuri’s Message?

The big picture of Yuri’s company is that he helps all of his executive and corporate clients figure out the exact message they want to send a particular audience to create engagement and opportunity. He developed his consultancy after realizing the common theme throughout his careers in neuroscience, law, finance and tech startups: his two superpowers of language and psychology.

In order to know what a message should look and sound like, Yuri says that you need to understand and internalize the language and mindset of your audience. You’ve likely heard that you should reach your audience where they are – and that’s the premise behind what he does.

“I help my clients on the Fortune 500 corporate side to figure out the language and psychology they need to use to target and engage Millennials as employees and customers,” Yuri explains.

He says there is a significant misalignment between the professional expectations of Millennials in the Fortune 500 and Boomers and Gen X’ers in the C-suite. What should Millennials really be doing in order to feel fulfilled at work? How do they engage their true passions in their job? How can they create leadership and growth opportunities for themselves?

Yuri wants all of his elite Millennial clients to start side businesses, so they can diversify their streams of revenue. He wants them to speak the language that will create opportunities for themselves in both business and life.

They’re at a stage of life where they can still take risks, are willing to learn new skills, and can move up quickly in their industry.

As an overview, Yuri helps his clients to:

  • Gain clarity, a 360-degree perspective and a detailed plan for effective Millennial professional development.
  • Transform HR, Hiring and Customer Experience to attract, engage, retain and develop Millennials as employees, leaders and customers
  • Create the perfect message to access opportunity with any desired audience.
  • Find and win their dream jobs.
  • Take ownership of their careers and businesses and become effective leaders.

Does Yuri Have the Credentials to Back His Claims?

Yuri Kruman is a Fortune 500 personal development consultant, speaker, author, and startup adviser, as well as CEO of Master the Talk Consulting. In addition, he’s a member of numerous startup advisory boards, as well as the Customer Experience Program at Rutgers Center for Innovation Education.

For Fortune 500 companies, Yuri speaks and trains teams on improving communication, messaging and mindset. If a team is currently experiencing high turnover, a micromanager boss would learn how to let go and engage team members in the best way and get them to do their life’s best work. Yuri has a keen understanding of and pulse on how to reach and inspire Millennials and bring out their very best at work and in life.

For example, a Millennial coder also loves writing. An analyst wants more direct contact with clients. Their Gen X boss feels he has no time to deal with their ideas beyond the job description, but is in fact missing out on a simple way to get them to open up and become more engaged, gain their trust and loyalty, and ultimately reduce turnover and preserve team productivity.


Corporate and startup C-Suite members constantly come to Yuri and say, “I’m really frustrated with the Millennials in my company. They feel entitled, are flaky and leave the company within 2 years. I need to figure out how to get their best work consistently, keep them around longer and create a company culture to bring in and retain top Millennial talent.”

Yuri helps these corporations to develop and retain their top Millennial execs by helping them find and own their life mission, pursue it internally or elsewhere, and create tremendous opportunities and ROI for their employers and themselves. Through alignment, clarity, proven strategy and effective messaging, client companies and execs achieve a lasting win-win.

Find out more about Yuri at YuriKruman.com and MasterTheTalk.com.



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