“You Were Born To Fly” A Book Written By The International Best Selling Author Daniel Gomez “Has Great Leadership Concepts That Support A Growth Perspective, A Must Read For Any Aspiring Leader”

Macedonio MJ” Martinez, an Auto Claims Representative with The Hartford Financial Group, wrote this review “The book, Born to Fly by Daniel B. Gomez is a great book that really has me changing my mindset on how I operate myself day to day.  My body is just a vehicle for my mind to control positively.  It has great leadership concepts that support a growth perspective. This Book does not just pertain to a leader of employees but also a leader of your destiny. In Chapter 2, he discussed The Rule of 151, which resonated with me so much that I sent an email to my current leader citing his book and she shared it with her leadership team to support the employees’ engagement and performance. The rule of 151 states that it takes 151 times to say something before someone starts to believe it. In this chapter, it was about speaking greatness into your employees so they can feel confident and competent in their current jobs. This thought process will definitely have a very positive exponential effect on not only our teams but our organization. Great read and I recommend this book to anybody looking to feel, think and look successful in any situation throughout their professional and personal lives.”

In other reviews, it is mentioned that:

  • “Gomez is Inspiring, Motivating, and Authentic, and as a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, he is strengthening organizations and individuals Daniel’s energy and enthusiasm capture the audience’s attention from the opening moments of his presentation. He engages and interacts with them throughout his entire presentation, and his sole desire is to unlock the untapped potential in people’s lives. Daniel loves connecting with his audiences and making it personal. He takes great pride in cultivating leaders and champions.”
  • “This book will leave you with the mindset and habits you need to live a prosperous and abundant life. Everything in life is temporary, and you can change anything in your life if you want it badly enough. The inspiration and motivation you will receive are priceless.”
  • “You Were Born to Fly” will equip you to have a “Champion’s Attitude.” Defeat your limiting beliefs. Envision the future you desire. Attain what you thought to be unattainable. It’s time to start living your best life NOW!”
  • “Daniel strongly believes that Your life has a destiny waiting to be fulfilled.”

Daniel B. Gomez is the founder of Daniel Gomez Enterprises, a company devoted to developing and strengthening organizations and individuals. As a dynamic John Maxwell Certified Speaker with 14 years’ experience in the arena of Leadership Development, Sales Training, and Coaching. He is the International Best Selling Author of “You Were Born to Fly,” He encourages them to “Be Original,” to love and believe in themselves at all times, to value their own opinion, and to step out of their comfort zones.

Gomez proclaims that his book “You Were Born To Fly” was written to inspire and give people the confidence they need to succeed in life. You were not created to be mediocre. You were not created to just get by in life. You were not created to be ordinary. You are a masterpiece. You were created to be extraordinary and live a purpose-filled life.

Gomez says he knows,” What it’s like to fear the unknown, having lost his mother as a child and facing death at the age of eighteen. He did not let his circumstances dictate the outcome of his life. His positive attitude and approach to life are what makes him very successful in his personal and professional life.”

In Gomez’s #1 BEST SELLER “You Were Born To Fly “ he emphasizes “You are a masterpiece.” “You were created to be extraordinary and live a purpose-filled life, and Your life has a destiny waiting to be fulfilled. That is the true meaning of ”Be Original, Be the Best You.”

Be Original, Be The Best You raises the level of expectations in people’s lives to help them change their limiting beliefs, giving them the tools necessary to triumph in life.  His presentations will instill a confident mindset and empower the audience to be successful and dynamic in their personal and professional life. This program is perfect for Leadership, Managers and Team Members.” Gomez points out.

This program gives attendees: 

  • The confidence needed to believe in yourself and to value your own opinion.
  • The power of choice, and the courage to make life-changing decisions today!
  • A champion’s attitude to overcome circumstances and challenges in life.
  • The strength to step out of your comfort zone, and to take risks.
  • The boldness to embrace the unknown, and to thrive in changing environments.

To learn more about Daniel Gomez or his book  go to www.danielgomezspeaker.com