Worldwide TAG 4 Change Movement Eliminates Bullying And Helps Create Confident Kids from the USA to Uganda

According to CNN, the United States has had 57 times more school shootings than the other
major industrialized nations combined. Millions of children do not go to school each day due to the fear of confronting the bully and feel that school is not a safe place.  According to, of the 4,400 kids a year who commit suicide, hundreds are due to bullying.

“As kids believe in themselves, they know they matter,” states Marty L. Ward, author and
founder of Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc (CEB) 501c3, “they are not going to want
to commit suicide or harm other kids.” Confidence Eliminates Bullying’s mission is to create a world where relationships are so meaningful that everyone is a confidence booster versus a fault finder. CEB has been featured in Huffington Post, Everything Brevard Magazine, Channel 13 News and Florida Today for their work with families and children worldwide.

Using a new model of Emotional Intelligence, CEB offers TAG 4 Change programs that provide a permanent solution to bullying in the USA and in 32 schools and churches in Uganda, Africa. Members of schools, corporations, communities, and families are trained to identify and acknowledge an individual’s Talents, Abilities, and Gifts (TAGs) so that everyone learns to honor and value the gift they are to the world.

This program currently reaches over 12,800 children and adults.

“When we shift focus from punishing the bully to creating confident kids, we not only
create kids who believe in themselves, but also get greater cooperation at home and
school.,” shares founder Marty Ward.

Bring the TAG 4 Change Movement to your school or community to eliminate bullying while creating civility, harmony, and dignity in all relationships. Or join the Clean Water Initiative for Africa by going to