Workman Success Systems Presents 7 Figure Ride Along Event To Help Real Estate Agents Make The Leap From Six To Seven Figures

Workman Success Systems, a real estate coaching and consulting company, recently presented the 7 Figure Ride Along Event.

The twice yearly event was held in Pearland, Texas on November 5-6, 2019, and was hosted by Infinity Real Estate The Christy Buck Team.

Attendees received two full days of strategy, content, motivation, understanding, new ideas, and implementation techniques to apply to their own real estate businesses. They were taught several different success strategies; from new agent development, operational business systems, and on-boarding processes, to valuable marketing techniques. Workman Success Systems also provided their growth and success metrics and showed how to implement the same systems that the Christy Buck Team used to help grow their real estate business to seven figures.

“Most real estate agents end up getting stuck at the six-figure mark. They find that they just can’t grow beyond that ceiling. Their time and their resources are maxed out. And although they work harder and put in longer hours, they just can’t seem to get traction and they can’t figure out why. That’s where Workman Success Systems steps in to help,” expressed Verl Workman, CEO and founder of Workman Success Systems. “We’ve helped hundreds of agents make the leap from six figures to seven figures and beyond.”

Workman Success Systems shows agents how to systematize the important parts of their business, and track the important KPI’s, to create leverage that will help them to grow their real estate business to seven figures. They provide cutting-edge tools and training designed to help agents work smarter, not harder, so they can reclaim their time.

“When we start working with an agent or a brokerage, they usually have no systems in place, no tracking, and no accountability. Or they have systems that are cumbersome and don’t actually help them improve their revenues.” Workman continued, “They know their systems are broken because their revenue numbers show it.”

Agents from around the country assembled in Houston for two full days of team training on topics such as:

• How to grow a team
• How to obtain buy-in from team members
• How to hire the right talent
• How to create a positive company culture
• How to create life-long employees
• How to properly distribute leads
• How to effectively and properly use lead management tools
• How to implement systems to create leverage and growth
• How to build a company of value

Each participant was given a copy of the presentations from the event. They also received copies of all content demonstrated during the event including The Christy Buck Team’s Operations Manual Outline with sample content, job duties for all positions, action plan samples for CRM & Lead Management Programs, Team Accountability and Team Tracking documentation.

Using the methods they learned from Workman Success Systems, Christy Buck and her team have exploded their team production by more than four times, growing from 55 transactions per year to over 375 transactions per year. They’ve since opened their own independent office, and have implemented systems and processes to create a well-oiled machine that now handles over $81 million in sales volume. The team went from working what felt like 24/7 with no life balance as transactional agents, to a team of happy, successful agents, with control over their own schedules.

“The Christy Buck Team is one of our favorite success stories. They learned and implemented our methods and have exploded their growth,” noted Workman. “They are a perfect example of what can happen when agencies pick the right coaches and then work together to implement everything.”

When asked about the results they get for clients, Workman responded, “You probably can’t work any harder. We actually want you to work a lot less, and make a lot more. Our customized real estate training and coaching will help you and your team focus on what matters and dramatically increase your productivity. We want you to be better. We want you to do better.”

For more information about Workman Success Systems and their upcoming events, visit

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