With the Explosion of the Life Coaching Industry, Swan Digital Marketing Announces A New Service That Helps Coaches Stand Out From The Crowd

Carla Smith, Online Marketing Strategist and owner of Swan Digital Marketing in Austin Tx, has added a new service to their Media Marketing arsenal called “Authority Marketing”, which focuses on helping Life Coaches and Motivational Speakers position themselves as leaders and authority figures with near celebrity status in their industry.

“One of the main things that I see holding any Life Coach or Speaker from moving to the next level is how to position themselves differently and stand out from the crowd,” said Smith. “Personal Coaching has become one of the hottest industries today with its low cost entry and its home-based business appeal. This creates the urgency for any life coach to market themselves as an authority and leader in their industry and to separate themselves from the herd.”

Someone who really understands the importance of standing out in crowded marketplaces is Seth Godin, author and entrepreneur, who echoes Smith’s statements, “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure.” Godin goes even further in stating, “In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”

This new Media Marketing service is not about engaging traffic – it’s a way to transform public perceptions about your brand. It’s helping coaches stand out as clear leaders in their market by using top media outlets to position them as an authority or expert in their field. Furthermore, there’s no need to call yourself an expert – everyone else will do that for you.

As we’ve grown up with the internet, Smith explains that when someone searches the internet for information they want it from an expert; from someone they consider to be the best in the business.

To be a coach who stands out you need to have a level of perceived authority, and it needs to be managed to obtain high levels of success. This kind of authority branding is just what Carla Smith does and she has been working with her clients on the importance of improving their personal identity brands’ for years.

Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer, Melissa Alexis Jacobsen, explained how she feels about authority marketing. “Carla’s authority marketing is easy to understand and implement and the effects can last for years. I probably wouldn’t have people seeking me out as they do without it,” said Jacobsen.

Smith explains that with the coaching industry being such a crowded marketplace it’s more important than ever to position yourself as the clear authority in the mind of your customer.

Life Coaches and Motivational Speakers can reach Carla Smith or request a complimentary strategy session at her website www.SwanDigitalMarketing.com