With Nancy Seeger At The Helm, Seeger Consulting, Inc. Is Changing Views On Effective Marketing

Nancy Seeger is the Owner and Director of Seeger Consulting, Inc. She brings over 20 years of experience as a Marketing Specialist. After freelancing with several companies as a Master Strategist, she saw a great need within successful businesses that were struggling in their marketing endeavors. She started Seeger Consulting, Inc. over three years ago and works with established companies to help simplify their marketing operations, thus assuring a higher return on the investment.

According to Seeger, even successful companies make costly marketing mistakes. “We help corporations and business owners that are comfortable with sales, but are putting a lot of money into different marketing channels without ensuring that those channels are producing results. This can leave a lot of missed opportunities or lost funds that could be used in shortening the sales process.”

Seeger Consulting works with businesses that are over a half a million dollars in sales yearly and that have sufficient marketing content, but aren’t fully optimizing it. Usually the business is established, but hasn’t got a complete marketing strategy in place that takes advantage of the online content side of their business. That’s when Nancy’s company can come in and help expand their inbound marketing presence. When asked if there is a particular niche market she works with, she explains, “I come from a software and manufacturing background, but we’ve worked with Engineering companies, Manufacturing companies, Membership Organizations, Coaches and Consultants.  We don’t focus on a niche as much as a specific problem. Our focus is to analyze the marketing activities they have in place and help to reduce costs while ensuring that they are getting back the number of leads that they should from that those efforts. It’s all about saving time and money!”

Seeger specializes in diagnostics. Her greatest gift is the ability to find a simpler way of doing things. Recently she worked with a Coach who was doing an amalgamated book marketing project. The project was consuming 30% of her time, every year. After Seeger Consulting stepped in, the coach’s time commitment was reduced to less than 5% annually. The new processes are automated and are generating an average of $70,000 a year of extra coaching contracts and book sales, without extra team members or time requirements. Seeger Consulting has just launched its online programs for Entrepreneurs or companies that are looking for a simple solutions for specific marketing problems.

The first online course is “Marketing Effectiveness for Events” and it explains the how’s, when and why’s to sponsor an event, trade show or conference. “Small Businesses, Coaches and Speakers spend a lot of money in sponsoring events, but aren’t always trained in how to plan and maximize those events for the best results.”  Nancy offers a four hour consultation to clients. This includes a diagnosis and evaluation period that is completed in one session. Then extensive research is done. After everything is analyzed, a plan is formed that can be implemented within the company or by the Seeger Consulting team.

According to Seeger, marketing today is more about creating relationships with your prospects and that centers around inbound marketing. “We have moved away from the old advertising only model. There needs to be a balance between outbound and inbound marketing. It is important that people know that pay per click advertising and outbound advertising are still important, but a bigger part of marketing these days is gaining people’s trust. They need to know who you are and your content tells them a lot about you.”

For the past three years Seeger Consulting, Inc. has helped various companies streamline their marketing systems. Nancy, through her unique insight, comes up with new approaches to some of the most challenging marketing obstacles. Her quest for new knowledge truly puts her in an elite category as a leader in her industry. She sets high expectations for herself and always delivers. She gets constant recommendations from CEO’s and company owners and stands out as one of the top solutions marketing efficiency consultants. For more information about Seeger Consulting, Inc. and their services visit them at http://seegerconsultinginc.com/.

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