Wish Kid, Nicholas Miaskowski Donating A Home To A Disabled Veteran Mike Kotlowski

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In this picture from left to right are Jenny Dumnich, Edith and Roman Miaskowski, Wish Kid, Nicholas Miaskowski & Craig Dumnich

This story is about how these five people joined together to help each other and a disabled veteran Mike Kotlowski by donating a home to him and his pregnant daughter through the charity “Golden Wing Helping Hands.”

Mike Kotlowski went to church praying for a miracle, and within a matter of hours, his prayers were answered. Nicholas Miaskowski and his parents Edith and Roman heard his story and jumped into action providing him a home to live in, Prayer answered.

Here is Mike Kotlowski’s story:
Kotlowski is currently living in a mobile home park in Lake Station, Indiana in a home that has no running water. The pipes beneath the house burst over two years ago and didn’t have the funds to repair them despite his efforts to work multiple jobs to provide for his family. They currently have to travel to visit relatives, just to shower. The mobile home has been passed down from generation to generation and has many back taxes owed on the property, a missing title and is in such a dire condition that the home cannot be repaired and only provides shelter from the elements. This massive amount of stress has taken a toll on Kotlowski’s health leading to triple bypass heart surgery. However, nothing has kept him from continuing to work as an after-school supervisor for young children in the mobile home community and a swimming pool manager in the summer months to bring in enough income to support his daughter and future grandchild.

On The morning of March 1, Mike was feeling very nervous and anxious leading him to seek comfort at church where he prayed for a miracle in his life and within a matter of hours his prayers were answered. He met Nicholas and his parents Edith and Roman at one of the mobile home parks were they flipping properties for their business, Mobile Home Millionaire. Immediately after listening to his story, jumped to the rescue agreeing to renovate another property within the same community to repay the disabled veteran for his services so that he and his family have a safe home to raise his daughter’s upcoming child.

Now, meet Wish Kid, Nicholas Miaskowski and his parents, Edith and Roman.
After 20+ years of conquering the struggle of two children with brain cancer and its effects, The Miaskowski family has a vision of providing the American Dream to those in need, and they do so every day through both their charity and their business Mobile Home Millionaire.

Wish Kid, Nicholas Miaskowski was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer at the age of 10 while growing up alongside his older sister Samantha that was born with brain cancer and is permanently disabled from the surgeries required as a young child.

Currently, the Miaskowski family have dedicated their lives to serving the homeless through their charity, Golden Wing Helping Hands in Chicago, IL. https://goldenwinghelpinghands.org/

Their most recent project is a direct answer to the prayers of a disabled Veteran for a miracle to be able to provide a home with running water for himself and his 15-year old daughter that is expecting a child in June.
Having experienced so many health challenges as a family in past years, the Miaskowski’s sought there own healing by hiring International Wellness Consultants, Craig and Jenny Dumnich, Founders of Craig and Jenny D, to ensure that they were showing up with maximum capacity each day physically and emotionally to be able to serve others more effectively. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal with massive increases in energy and stamina, emotional healing, improved relationships within the family, and breaking through barriers and fear that increased their capacity to serve more people in need.

Upon hearing of the latest project, the Dumnich’s immediately stepped in to raise greater awareness of this cause.
Jenny says, “Together, we can all make the world a more peaceful place, and it only takes a small amount from each of us, to make a massive impact in the lives of those that have given so much to serve our country. And ensure they are not living in suffering while putting forth the effort each day to work and support their families. When we consider the freedom, we are blessed with each day because of the service they have given; I believe that we all should come together to provide a safe, comfortable home for our veterans to live in.” 

Now, Miaskowski’s and Dumnich’s relationship has evolved into a joint mission where the Dumnich’s have committed to putting their efforts into holding “Wellness Master Classes” and “Total Immersion Wellness Retreats” where they donate a portion of the proceeds to Golden Wing Helping Hands. To learn more about Craig and Jenny Dumnich’s go to www.craigandjennyd.com

Golden Wing Helping Hands is currently looking for people that would love to be part of this project and to make the American Dream possible for this veteran and his family. You can donate to support this project by visiting https://www.craigandjennyd.com/goldenwinghelpinghands/.

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