Wireless Security in 2019: What Every Business Should Know About Protecting Their Wireless Network and Hotspots

The Haitian American Chamber of Commerce (HAAMCC) will on Saturday 12th January, 2019 between the hours of 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. host a group of business owners to a workshop with the theme  “ Wireless Security in 2019: What Every Business Should Know About Protecting Their Wireless Network and Hotspots”. The event which will take place at Staryer University Building 2307 West Broward Blvd. on the 3rd Floor Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 is expected to teach entrepreneurs of small businesses on how to provide adequate security to their wireless networks; which have today become an almost indispensable part of everyday business activities; to enhance mobility, reduce cost, and increase productivity. In addition to these, it also enhances security of the numerous data that exchanges via a wireless network or of anything else attached to it.

The technology of wireless network connection (Wi-Fi) will be 20 years old in 2019. Given the importance of Wi-Fi to today’s everyday businesses life, the chamber has invited a top-notch expert and speaker (Kurt Lucien of K.E.M.P Group and Associates) on the theme of the workshop to give better insight on the workings of WiFi as well as its future. What are the parts of a Wi-Fi wireless network and how do they best fit together? What are the most common points of failure with wireless Internet systems? How can small businesses best implement secure Wi-Fi connectivity for customers and clients? What security threats are present in Wi-Fi networks and how can they best be mitigated? What is coming next in the way of Wi-Fi wireless technology? What should one do personally to remain safe and secure on the Internet? And so many others are among the numerous questions the K.E.M.P Group and Associates workshop shall seek to provide relevant answers to.

K.E.M.P Group and Associates is a full-service lead generation and marketing agency that specializes in providing unique, engaging, ROI-focused, and cost-effective lead generation and marketing solutions. It also doubles as being among the first set of agencies in the world to use Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots for Wi-Fi marketing. The task of delivering strategic, creative and targeted lead generation and marketing campaigns which constitutes the core values upon which the organization operates, is complimented by a group of in-house experts with significant lead generation and local marketing experience. The focus on ROI, and her overall strategic approach to providing measurable results are among the organizations’ primary benefits. The company also helps entrepreneurs, businesses, corporations and nonprofits make new connections to enhance their overall growth.

Kurt Lucien is a Lead Generation and Local Marketing profitability consultant for sales, marketing, and operations of numerous small and medium businesses; a feat which had earned him the “The Lead Generation & Local Marketing Success Director” as many of his past clients love to call him. Kurt’s story as well as his systems, tools, and coaching have been an inspiration and game changer for numerous local companies who need traction and want to grow fast.

To be a participant at the program is free of entry charges. However, an online RSVP is required at EventBrite or 954-882-0571 as the available slot for participation is limited, thereby competitive.