Williamson Medical Center Helps Its Credentialed Physicians Embrace The Power Of Social Media

Williamson Medical Center (WMC) is set to partner with Karla Peppas, Owner and Founder of Nashville-based Fresh Collaboration, to bring social media training to the medical center’s credentialed physicians. Located in Franklin, TN, WMC is a facility where quality health care means setting and exceeding standards. Presenting a unique combination of compassion, advanced technology and clinical expertise, WMC offers a range of health care services from preventive screenings to complex surgical procedures.

Williamson Medical Center has more than 500 credentialed physicians and 1,300 staff members. WMC’s high quality standard goes beyond their patient services and expands into the opportunities they offer their physicians. This September, Williamson Medical Center is offering an educational, social media seminar to help credentialed physicians fully understand and embrace the power of social media. The goal is to educate the attendees on how social media can impact their practice and relationship with patients.

WMC Senior Physician Liaison Stephanie Clark said this will be a great opportunity to ensure that physicians affiliated with the medical center fully understand how social media works and how to use it to increase business. “Any physician that isn’t using social media is missing a big opportunity to engage with their patients and the community,” Clark said. “We want to help them understand in this day and age, engaging via social media will affect their bottom line in a positive way.”

Karla Peppas, the seminar presenter, is an expert in medical marketing. Her book, Medical Marketing: The Health Of Your Practice In A Digital Era features online marketing advice and tips from Middle Tennessee medical professionals and was a best seller on Amazon. Peppas says, “WMC is offering an amazing opportunity to their credentialed physicians to better understand how technology and social media impacts their practice. Social media is the number-one activity online. Understanding consumer and patient behavior is essential for a medical practice to thrive and grow. I commend WMC for recognizing this need and their forward thinking in physician education.”

The seminar is only open to Williamson Medical Center’s credentialed physicians. If you are interested in learning more about the event or about Williamson Medical Center, please contact Stephanie Clark at sclark@wmed.org.