Who Says an Old Dog Can’t Learn New tricks: Bestselling Author Jamil Hasan Reinvents Himself

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The Existential Crisis

“To Be Is to Do”, -Socrates

“To Do Is to Be”- Jean Paul Sartre

“Do Be Bo Be Do”- Frank Sinatra

Jamil Hasan has just released a book titled Blockchain Ethics: A bridge to Abundance. Hasan is understandably pleased to see his book top the Amazon.com international bestseller list on two occasions, and he deserves some strokes for putting this book together in a relatively short amount of time over the course of a year chocked full of dramatic personal changes.

Hasan’s personal changes began in June of 2017 when his long-time employer unexpectedly handed him a severance package against his will; however sometimes events that people immediately perceive to be unfortunate turn-out to be blessings in disguise over the long run. Hasan’s layoff left him searching for meaning and wondering what to do next, which qualifies as a bit of an existential crisis.

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Hasan has always been a mover and a shaker, and although he is not Mick Jagger, Hasan could still be considered a rolling stone. As the old saying goes, a rolling stone gathers no moss, so instead of just feeling bad about his new situation Hasan chose embrace his new freedom and became a great American entrepreneur. In the preface of his book Hasan wrote, “Being an American, I have the confidence to embrace adversity, take risks, and be part of a technology movement that will address many inequalities in society and provide access and opportunity to the marginalized”.

Where Do We Go Now?

For Hasan, his venture into entrepreneurship began by offering his services to several different companies as a marketing and technical consultant. Hasan was able to successfully market himself as a business consultant because prior to getting laid off he had a successful career spanning 20 years that consisted of working with large and complex computer systems in use at large corporations.

Book Smarts

Writing his new publication has been a labor of love; however, Hasan has also written his book with the full knowledge that the best way to establish credibility as a subject expert is to write a book.

After embarking on various stints of consultancy work, Hasan discovered that his true passion was studying the effects that the Blockchain technology would have on world society. Due to having a lot of passion about the potential benefits of the Blockchain technology, Hasan decided to turn this interest into a new business. Hasan also understood that getting a book about his passions published would be an excellent method of establishing and promoting his new consulting business.

In the preface of his new book Hasan notes, Ultimately that’s the focus of this book: using Blockchain technology to build and inclusive economy, one that benefits all members of society. The focus is on opening the door to serious consideration of creating businesses and opportunities using open sourced Blockchain technology. It’s designed to appeal to risk takers, entrepreneurs, artists, and anyone else who dares to dream the American Dream and make that dream a reality. Most of all it’s about building a sustainable abundant future that is open to everyone”. Hasan’s new Blockchain technology consulting company is called Minerva Data Advisors.

Find your copy here: http://amzn.to/2pjpsDs

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