Wellness Marketing Authority, Troy Pesola, Warns Businesses To Heed The 6-R’s Of Wellness Marketing

Working to get the word out about your wellness business can be a challenge, and it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed with options. Troy Pesola, Wellness Marketing Authority, suggests that there are 6-R’s of Wellness Marketing that lead to tangible business results.

For wellness businesses results means more clients and more business with those clients. But wellness business owners must approach their business from their clients’ perspective to understand how to successfully market and build their authority.

The 6-R’s of Wellness Marketing are guidelines to make sure your marketing efforts will be effective. Pesola says that many wellness businesses miss these elements and are missing out on the rewards. He works with clients to focus their wellness marketing efforts by focusing on the 6-R’s: Real, Reel, Read, Reputation, Reviews, and Realistic.

Real: Consumers have more and more options to improve their wellness. When consumers review wellness businesses they need to know that there are real people behind the business. Be real. That means that you stand behind your products and services. That you are willing to put your name, face, and integrity into how you care for your clients. Your marketing materials should convey you, the real you.

By being the real you, you offer the authentic and unique value that is only available to your clients. As you are authentic you express the unique way that you think, communicate, and work with your clients. It is you that authentic representation of yourself that is the underlying foundation for the rest of your branding and wellness marketing efforts.

Reel: Offer you and your staff on video reel.

Wellness businesses are one of the few industries where people often have to make an appointment for an office visit, and often pay a co-pay to just meet the provider. By offering a video reel of you and your staff, clients can start to determine if they will be able to trust you. Seeing the faces of you and your staff helps build trust, hearing the voices of your staff helps build a relationship even before prospects come for their first visit.

Read: Provide content clients and prospects can read. As a wellness business owner you should aim to become an educator and an advocate for your clients and their wellness. Provide information on your site as well as information that is published in a broad array of mediums. Wellness business owners should work to become an authority in their specialty through press engagements, published books, and expert interviews.

Reputation: Building your wellness business must begin with delivering value; helping people make real improvements in their wellness. All the marketing in the world will not help if you can’t deliver the goods. There’s no way to “fake it until you make it.”
Focus on building your reputation on solving wellness problems; specific problems for a select group of people. Trying to serve everyone and solve every problem will only lead to confusion. Instead focus on a specific aspect of wellness and become the expert who has a reputation on delivering.

Reviews: Nothing helps a prospect buy a new product or service more than someone else’s opinion. When you help deliver results and build your reputation be intentional about asking for reviews and recommendations. Ask your top clients to deliver either written or video reviews on your own site or on review sites like Google, or Yelp.

The affect of reviews is powerful. Mashable says that 90% of users are affected by reviews by studying the purchasing behavior of Yelp users. The value of having third party validation of you, and your products or services is powerful and should be an integral part of your marketing efforts.

Realistic: When prospects are exploring new businesses they need to see a simple and realistic step forward. As wellness professionals your marketing should give your prospects a direction to go, a path forward that they can begin. Keep it simple and have it fit into their world. Your marketing should leave people eager to take action and build.

So take action, think through how your unique character can show up. Be on video, in print, with a solid history of producing results, leaving others eager to talk about you, and a plan to move forward. You’ll have satisfied all 6 of the essential R’s of marketing.

Readers can learn more about Troy Pesola and Wellness Authority Marketing by visiting: http://www.MobiusLife.com.