Web Designer for Pro Athletes, Timothy Evans, Helps Business Owners Build Their Brand

Timothy Evans loves the internet, and he especially loves domain names. In fact, his love for domain names has led him to his current passion – helping small businesses, sports-related companies and athletes with websites, domain names, and brand building.

Currently living in the Chicago area, Timothy, a Wisconsin native, knew very little about the internet. When he went to college at the University of Iowa in the late 90s, there were no courses available on anything having to do with the internet or websites. While there, however, Timothy registered his first domain name and launched his first online business. He was hooked!

He is self-taught, but is also a student of the game.  Back then, he learned web design, web hosting, web development software, search engine optimization, and the technical aspects of domain names, through trial and error and loves the challenge these elements bring to a project still to this day.

He stumbled into the sports and professional athlete arena in 2002 when he found BrettFavre.com was being developed into a website for the Green Bay Packers’ legendary quarterback. A few years later, Timothy founded Athlete Web Design, a sports marketing and web development agency that caters to sports companies and pro athletes, assisting them with their digital branding.

One of his clients is Johnny Quinn, a former NFL player and 2014 Winter Olympic bobsledder who recently competed in Sochi, Russia. Johnny states, “Tim Evans and Athlete Web Design are first class! I am very pleased with the detailed work and professionalism Tim and his staff maintain. Tim and AWD have worked on two projects for me and I will continue to use his services as my businesses grow!”

Lewis Howes, founder of the Sports Industry Network – the largest sports related LinkedIn Group, and online entrepreneur says, “Tim is amazing when it comes to web design. He has helped me with my website design, and redesign, also created some amazing logos for my brands, along with creative print media as well.

He is an expert in creating design for sports teams, athletes, and sports companies. I continue to use him and send referrals his way as always does me and my referrals a great service and over delivers with value. He is great in understanding what you are looking for and providing you those results in a timely manner so you have the site you want faster than anyone else can get it to you.”

Other athlete clients include players from the San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins and the Houston Texans, to name a few. In addition to athletes in the United States, he also works with clients in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.  He has also worked with many sports-related organizations and other teams in many different types of sports.

Timothy, however, really enjoys working with small business owners, and thrives on helping them grow their businesses. His other company, Evans Web Services, works with the small and medium size businesses. Whether it’s professional service providers, such as doctors or attorneys, or home-related services, such as landscapers, to everything in-between, Timothy and his team excel at helping to create just the right design to get their message to their target market.

Timothy states, “I love being able to work with different industries and different people, and helping them be able to increase their business. Knowing that I’m helping them grow their business makes me enjoy what I’m doing.”

Timothy’s services include designing custom websites, designing logos, WordPress development, and social media branding. Of course, he is also an expert at optimizing the website for search engines to ensure that the client’s website shows up prominently during a web search, as well as finding the right domain name for a project or brand.

Over time, Timothy has come to realize that many business owners don’t quite know what they want. They might have an older website that needs updating or may not even have a website and need something that fits the modern day look of a website. Timothy’s extensive experience has made him especially skilled at coming up with ideas and being creative. He is an expert at knowing what type of design will resonate with prospective customers and is proactive at helping business owners achieve that.

President at AG VanGundy Landscape, Inc., Tony VanGundy raves about Timothy’s work stating, “Tim was recommended to us by one of our clients. His creativity, listening skills, opinions, and his professional approach in building our user friendly web site has helped our company greatly this past winter. I can’t thank him enough and would recommend him and Evans Web Services anytime!”

Timothy Evans loves to offer ideas that his clients might not have thought of that would be beneficial to their website and the positive results his clients have speak for themselves.

To learn more about Timothy Evans, visit TimothyEvans.com.