WearTech Therapeutics CEO Jim Johnson Develops First Conductive Tights

A seasoned professional in the medical device industry, innovative visionary and problem-solver James P. Johnson founded WearTech Therapeutics, Inc. to provide wearable, electrotherapy technology for the athletic market. Born from a USAF grant, his new WearTech Tights(tm) are the first conductive tights in the world. They uniquely provide an “Athlete’s Edge” in sport injury recovery and enhanced endurance at home, even sleeping.

Beta-testing of WearTech Tights by some of the world’s most accomplished athletes has brought only acclaim. John Howard, winner of the Hawaii Ironman, veteran of three Olympic teams and world-record-setter for the bicycle speed record of 152.2 mph, has made the tights a “staple” in his athletic arsenal and reports:

“WearTech Tights have become a welcome and essential product for this body. This body has seen over 500,000 cycling miles, and over 30 years of running and training for mega sports events, striving for good health in general. WearTech Tights have brought me deep cellular and soft tissue mending from on-going hard training missions that are the fundamental life blood of my athletic evolution.”

Readying For Launch

Johnson’s depth of experience in new product market development, research and management bode well for the upcoming market introduction of the breakthrough WearTech Tights. They will be presented on September 20th at the largest bicycle trade show in North America, Interbike International Exposition in Las Vegas.

Next, WearTech will be a Sponsor for the world’s most exclusive triathlon event, Super League Triathlon on the Isle of Jersey, U.K. on September 23-24. Simultaneously, WearTech will launch an Indiegogo campaign offering supporters stimulators and tights at deep introductory discounts.

Johnson and WearTech are ready for this whirlwind. As an international leader in “Wearable and Wireless” therapeutic technology for cellular, vascular, muscular and soft tissue injury recovery, Johnson was one of the panel experts at the world’s largest Wearable Technologies Show in London earlier this year. In November he will be a featured speaker in Dusseldorf at the Medicine+Sports Conference within Medica, the largest medical device meeting in the world.

His is the first company to research and apply below-sensory DC stimulation while sleeping with proven clinical efficacy. And the $1.5 billion manufacturer for this wireless product, supplier for many of the biggest names in the sports apparel market, has the capacity for rapid delivery of large volumes of the highest quality tights.

Stellar Background For Success

Johnson’s unique background further speaks to the soundness and desirability of this wearable-technology product launch. With over 35 years successful experience in marketing, sales, management and innovation in the medical device industry in the U.S.A., Asian and European markets, he has been involved in six successful startup companies with over 30 new medical device launches from St. Jude heart valves to the first insulin pump. He co-founded Medfusion, Inc., where he was involved in the merger of an $18 million infusions pump company, then managed a $48 million Infusion Systems Division with 108 employees.

With WearTech, Johnson is building on the technological innovation of its parent, Prizm Medical, Inc., which he founded for the development of the world’s first garment electrodes. Prizm has engaged in leading electrotherapy research since 1996, treated over 250,000 patients with outstanding results, and achieved eighteen published clinical research studies with more in process.

Prizm’s gloves, stockings, sleeves and orthopedic soft bracing are powered by the world’s smallest HVPG stimulators offering a unique, copyrighted therapy while sleeping for pain relief, diabetic foot disease, sports medicine, stroke rehab and wound healing.  

With persistence, Johnson broke a “glass ceiling” winning a three-year battle with the FDA for over-the-counter, retail approval for all Prizm products.  All Prizm / WearTech products are FDA, European MDD and Medicare approved devices, and are officially approved in Japan, Europe, Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The proven efficacy of all Prizm and WearTech products is due to patented technology which increases micro-circulation and stimulates the body’s own natural healing process while treating and relieving pain – whether back or leg pain, diabetic neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease, heel pain, Achilles tendon injury, shin splints, foot arthritis, chronic wounds, plantar fasciitis, or some other leg or foot nerve pain.

Now Johnson’s passion is being realized with the extension of that research into the new wireless WearTech Tights for the athletic performance and sports medicine markets.  Applying continuous, variable, DC electrotherapeutic energy deep into the legs, they provide better pain management, reduction of disuse atrophy (muscle wasting), relief of muscle spasticity, reduction of edema, and accelerated removal of lactic acid and inflammation. 

The alternating energy is delivered wirelessly through the fabric of the tights’ time-tested, highly-conductive, biocompatible Electro-Mesh Silver Yarn (EMSY), another of Johnson’s proprietary products . . . anywhere, anytime, even sleeping.

Finally on the launchpad, Johnson has reason to smile. And so do the super-athletes who beta-tested the WearTech Tights.

Margaret Hampton

Best-selling author, Margaret Hampton, is a strategic marketing consultant, independent publisher, journalist and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators Magazine, Authority Presswire, Newswire and other press covering influencers and breakthroughs in athletic performance, alternative health, finance, business, faith and charitable endeavors. A recipient of over 12 Who's Who designations, her work has been seen on ABC, NBC, FoxNews, CBS, Miami Herald, Boston Globe and other media.