Wealth Manager Marc Bautis Encourages Real Estate Professionals to Use Their IRA to Invest Wisely in Real Estate

Marc Bautis, author, speaker, wealth manager, and founder of Bautis Financial encourages real estate professionals to grow their personal wealth by investing in real estate and enjoying a positive cash flow, as well as market appreciation. “The April 15th tax return filing deadline is close,” says Marc. “But there is still time to make contributions to your IRA and explore using your IRA to invest in real estate.”

When counseling real estate professionals, Marc often finds that they don’t have a personal benefits package. He believes that they, as well as all other small business owners, should have a clear financial plan for their future. That’s why Marc focuses on assisting his clients with creating and implementing a comprehensive or segmented strategy that helps them achieve their financial goals.

“I enjoy speaking with real estate agents, mortgage bankers, and other real estate professionals about using their self-directed IRA to invest in real estate, because real estate is an asset that they already understand and have experience with,” explains Marc. “My role is to give them the education, support, and guidance they need relating to the complex IRS rules so they can spend their time on their business without having to worry about their personal finances.”

The IRS allows an IRA to buy, sell, and exchange real estate as an asset without losing the tax benefits associated with the IRA. Marc uses his financial and real estate experience to help his clients analyze eligible properties and choose the best investment option.

Bautis Financial is a registered investment advisory firm located in Rutherford, New Jersey that offers retirement planning, asset management, education planning, and estate planning services. Marc is a public speaker and the author of The Retirement Fitness Challenge: Shape Up Your Finances and Make Your Money Last a Lifetime. Available on Amazon.com, the book guides readers through a realistic assessment of their current financial status, discusses smart savings strategies, and teaches how to convert savings into a predictable and sustainable income stream.

Real estate professionals seeking to plan for their financial future should contact Marc today at 201-842-7655 for a free, no-obligation consultation.