Venice Beach Entrepreneur Amber Blumer Solves Healthy Lifestyle Need With Great Success

Amber Blumer is the definition of a successful entrepreneur.  By recognizing a problem among other Healthy Lifestyle fans in Southern California, exploring solutions with determination, and then providing the perfect product to meet those needs, she literally built the market for her product and her business.

Looking for a way to enhance her busy but healthy lifestyle, Amber researched and decided to engage in the popular “Master Cleanse”, a detoxification protocol developed by William Burroughs in the 1940’s and mainstreamed in 1976.  It all started in Amber’s small kitchen. Working from the original recipe, she was squeezing lemons by hand and mixing the other naturally sourced ingredients in small batches for her own use.  Encouraged by the enthusiastic reactions of her friends, and recognizing that it was far too time consuming to make in small batches, she was soon using an antique juice press, shopping the farmer’s markets, measuring, scooping, shaking and pressing for their needs as well.

She had created the modern day Master Cleanse in a bottle.  Asking herself why this wasn’t commercially available so she could just grab a bottle on the go, she started Skinny Lemon, Co and began producing The Master CleanseTM.

Amber says, “I want to help others achieve their health goals and keep the process simple by bottling up natural ingredients.  Making something of value is my way of trying to make the world a better place.  Bottling The Master Cleanse might seem crazy to some who want to squeeze lemons themselves, but for me it makes total sense”.

Consulting with industry experts regarding production at the volumes needed to meet this new found demand, Amber fine-tuned the recipe and process to be certain that the freshest, locally sourced, 100% organic ingredients were incorporated.  Amber says, “I just HAD to be sure that the product you could buy in the bottle was made with as much love as those first batches I made in my own kitchen”.

She went on to say, “I want those who drink my bottled Master Cleanse to have confidence that they are drinking the original formula, with only the best ingredients available, and to have a convenient and practical way to incorporate it into their busy lives.”

Natural and Health Food retailers in Southern California have responded with the same enthusiasm as those first few friends that Amber helped out by bottling The Master CleanseTM.  “As an entrepreneur, there may be nothing as satisfying as seeing your product on the shelf”, says Amber, “the demand has truly endorsed my original dream.”  That demand has grown geographically as well, as word of Amber’s solution for the busiest of healthy lifestyle fans has spread, leading to her expansion into fulfilling orders via the website for shipment nationwide.

To learn more about Amber Blumer and The Master CleanseTM  just visit her website,