Use A Certified Travel Consultant As Your Personal Travel Concierge

Aniko Czobor, CTC is a Certified Travel Consultant with more than 40 years of experience. She worked at a professional travel agency specializing in corporate travel arrangements until about 10 years ago. The organization downsized, and she lost her job. Her clients still wanted her help, so she began a home-based travel agency business.

She decided to change her focus from making corporate travel arrangements to helping clients with their leisure travel plans. Even though her official professional title is Certified Travel Consultant, another way to describe her would be to call her a “travel concierge.” She delights in taking care of all the dozens of details to make sure her clients have a good time. In addition to making suggestions about the best places to go and things to do, part of her job is to anticipate things that might go wrong to help her clients avoid problems.

Because she has so much experience in managing travel plans, she automatically advises clients when flights are canceled or delayed, she makes sure travel insurance is in place, and she checks for the expiration dates on passports so clients do not get stranded somewhere without the ability to smoothly return home.

Aniko starts the process with an in-depth interview with all the people who will be traveling together. This might last an hour or longer until she determines the best ways to help the clients enjoy their trip for the budget they can afford to spend. She knows how to get the best deals and even how to save money for her clients by suggesting they get credit cards from companies that do not charge international transaction fees. These are examples of the kinds of things that she knows from the many years she has worked in making travel arrangements — things that most clients would never even think about.

Sometimes, it takes many suggestions of possible travel locations to accommodate the needs of everyone in the travel group. She considers herself a very personal travel agent, which is why her service is more like that of a concierge than a simple discount travel booking service.

Aniko gives an example of a vacationing couple she helped. The husband wanted to go fishing, and the wife wanted to go to a health spa and then have a nice glass of wine each evening to relax. The choices discussed included Costa Rica, the wine country in Napa Valley, and resorts in Arizona, until the perfect vacation spot chosen was Key West, Florida. The couple had a fantastic time.

It pays to use the services of a person with such in-depth knowledge of travel arrangements in order to ensure that the vacation is a success. Aniko considers her clients to be friends and gets tremendous enjoyment from helping them with all the information she has learned over the past 40 years. The cost of using her services is extremely modest when compared with the savings in time plus the reduction of those frustrations that can ruin an entire vacation. These are the reasons why people should use a professional travel consultant.

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