Uncovering The Truth About Men, Relationship Coach Adam Andava Empowers Women

Lackluster or troubled marriage?  Relationship coach and author, Adam Andava, tells why it doesn’t have to be that way, that there’s a path to a great marriage for almost any couple.  He is passionate about helping women understand, captivate and keep their husbands devoted to them for life, even those who start out as less-than-ideal husbands.  That’s why he formed A Better Marriage, LLC.

Not satisfied with just a “good marriage,” Andava says his focus is on “empowering wives to enjoy a higher and lasting level of intimacy with their husbands.”  Considered by women as an authority on women, he has been successfully coaching and empowering them for more than 20 years.  He and his wife are personally experiencing the rewards of his approach in their own marriage.

His preparation started many years ago with study under the well-known Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget.  At the same time, he led the guidance and teaching of elementary-age school children, which he deems “a useful exercise if one ever plans to understand the behavior of adults.”  Later he benefited from 16 profitable years of mentoring by the director of a major Christian counseling center.

Meanwhile, Andava became expert at interpreting personality quizzes and assessments of pre-marital compatibility.  That’s when his focus shifted to how couples could achieve abundantly more effective, fulfilling and rewarding marriage relationships.  One key element he realized is giving women the appreciation they deserve as they give their husbands the respect they deserve.

With utmost esteem for the fairer sex, Andava has devoted decades to better understanding women and helping them in their relationships with men.  He even was the sole man at several women’s conferences, and served as facilitator for groups of unhappily married women.  Hearing woeful stories of what “those insensitive men” did to their women gave him insight into what women need and desire in relationships.

Thus began Andava’s new-found appreciation for women, causing him to reassess his own attitudes.  Purposing to change, and to model himself after what women want in a husband, he began studying in greater depth God’s prescription, “what really works for a truly surprising and great marriage.” 

Now Andava’s writings and coaching help couples experience marriage the way it was intended to be, with mutual honor, respect and support. . .with tenderness, passion and intimacy on multiple levels.  He teaches techniques that turn troubled marriages into terrific ones, and give new life to marriages that have lost their luster in the crush of everyday life.  His work guides women in how to create “male-alluring intimacy in even a good marriage, to turn it into a harmonious, deeply connected and pleasing relationship for life.”

That’s a tall order, but Andava has experience with this feminine-powered, man-changing turnaround, and therefore knows how to help just about any woman achieve it.  How a woman controls all this is laid bare in his book, “Putty In Your Hand,” which will be published soon on Amazon.

“Putty” is a compilation of love letters Adam Andava sent to his “woman of promise” who lived 2,000 miles away.  Some of his letters wooed her with romantic allegories and poetry.  Others instructed and led her gently along the path to enhancing her innate inner femininity.  And still others were to assure the couple was in full agreement with regard to important marriage relationship concepts God’s way.

Many of “Putty’s” letters uncover insights into what a man really wants and needs, and how his own ladylove can work her magic by applying the “Putty techniques” on him, making him her willing captive for life.  The book guides and teaches the reader, even while it entertains or entices, and ends with the romantic proposal of marriage that led to his own successful marriage relationship. 

Why publish such intimately personal letters?  Because Andava’s wife, Mixie, wants every woman to know that a greater femininity rests within every woman.  It’s just waiting to be released to bring more vivid and alluring ways that make a husband “putty in a wife’s hand” —  to want her, and only her, forever.

She just needs to know who and what she is, and how to find and further develop her innate talents.  Mixie insists, “Discovering these can become a very exciting part of her life.  With a little help from the ‘Putty Principles,’ this is easily within her grasp.  Then she will get to delight in her husband, and he in her, for a lifetime.”

Andava freely shares updates and refinements on this process in the “sequels” on the new website he’s developing, ABetterMarriage.com, where he relates candidly what he and his wife experienced through the adjustment period, as well as articles and insights.  Learn more about Adam Andava, A Better Marriage Coaching, and his new book, “Putty In Your Hand,” on ABetterMarriage.com.