Two Brothers Leave Corporate America And Start An Entrepreneurial Revolution

As a former highly successful commercial banker, Ilan Ferdman is well-versed in the traditional 50-60 hour per week business model. Even though he was running a successful bank that he built from the ground up, he felt like he was missing out on a huge portion of his life by dedicating such a significant amount of time working. It was at this same time Ilan’s younger brother, Guy Ferdman, was working in the online market space and attracting considerable attention for his ability to analyze complex online programs and simplify them down to easily digestible information for both personal and business applications.

The two began collaborating and founded SatoriPrime Academy, an online business coaching and bricks-and-mortar business incubator. SatoriPrime provides their members and clients the most current internet marketing strategies that drive customers and clients and help people start and grow businesses online. “People are looking for ways to stop living lives that they hate,” says Ilan in a recent interview. “If you hate Sundays because thoughts of going to work on Monday are hounding you, then you’re not living your true passion or destiny. . . and the lie is that this is the only way to live. It’s not and we at SatoriPrime are proving it every day.”

“Coming from the corporate world, I realized that people are being lied to,” continues Ilan. “The educational system is breeding a bunch of worker-bee robots. Job security, pensions, and 401Ks are a thing of the past.” Even the Wall Street Journal blog and various articles on recently discussed how the US education system is not preparing students for the business world, and that, “There’s no such thing as job security” in the current corporate landscape.

Every day further news agencies report, as Forbes commented recently, that “Entrepreneurialism is disrupting unemployment.” Ilan and Guy Ferdman have created a relevant resource that serves the growing needs of a new entrepreneurs striking out on their own in the pursuit of happiness. “The new world is here, and if you want to thrive in the new digital age, then you’re going to have to learn some new skills. Guy and I developed SatoriPrime, and we’ve invested millions over the past 12 years mastering these online marketing skills. It’s paying off for our clients too. Over the past three years, we’ve mentored thousands of students worldwide, guiding them on how to turn their passions into money in their bank accounts.”

The brothers and SatoriPrime have certainly found their niche in the internet marketing community. Clients find their advice and counsel invaluable: “I don’t like to give out results because I think that’s very cheesy, but a lot of people are out there looking for some kind of results to validate their actions,” said one recent client in a YouTube video testimonial, adding, “But here goes. . .last year in three months, I made a six-figure income and that’s thanks to the apprenticeship with SatoriPrime. They’ve opened up the world for me.”

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