Transformational Wealth Coach Debra Larson Explores The Mindset Between Marketing And Money

Biz Smart Media congratulates Debra Larson, best-selling author featured in the new book, The Little Book of Big Marketing Ideas: Get More Customers, Increase Sales, and Make More Money, which reached number one on the Amazon Best Seller lists in the Kindle store categories of E-Commerce, Web Marketing, Direct Marketing, Computers & Technology and High Tech Businesses, as well in the Amazon book categories of Business & Management, Direct Marketing, and Web Marketing.

In this best-selling book, Debra Larson, Transformational Wealth and Marketing Coach, explores the mindset between marketing and money. She outlines 3 strategies helping woman entrepreneurs create a lucrative business by doing what they love. Larson notes, “Transformational business success comes from the underlying mindset behind the marketing and the relationship you have with money. You were not born to struggle in your business; you are meant to flourish, make fabulous money, and fulfill your passion and work with only those that need and love you.”

In her chapter, she goes into detail about the following strategies:

  • How filling high-end mastermind group or 1-1 client spots first then enables ultimate business leverage
  • How knowing and understanding the bigger reason for entrepreneurship, or “your personal Why,” will help maintain focus and accountability
  • How defining one’s unique brilliance is the key to attracting perfect clients
  • How relationships and beliefs about money often stop women entrepreneurs in their tracks

Larson, an award winning coach, empowers highly conscious women entrepreneurs around the world on how to take their brilliance to the next level of wealth. Through mindset, money and marketing training she shares how to turn one’s true gifts, passions and purpose into a profitable, meaningful business through simple, doable, yet result-driven concepts and systems.

Larson prides herself in helping her clients achieve transformational results by weaving timeless truths and Universal Laws with mastery marketing counsel, teaching everything from mindset and money to marketing. She assists clients with self-growth empowering them to fulfill their purpose-driven business.

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