Tom Bird- Author With A Mission

Is it possible to create a business model that produces excellent income, a lifestyle of being in control of your time, enables you to live your true passion, and makes a valuable contribution to the lives of others? Bestselling author, Tom Bird has been able to accomplish this by following his passion in life, writing and teaching others to write books…in a long weekend!

Tom isn’t just making idle claims that people are able to write a book in a weekend. He has over 30 years of experience in which 93% of the students who attend his retreats complete their book in three and a half days. For many of these people it is their first book ever and was often written after years in which doubts and fears prevented them from even starting the book they knew they were meant to write.

In a recent poll, 81% of all Americans say they would like to write a book. Although it seems like publishing these days enables almost everyone to write a book, the truth is that less than 3% of the population are published authors. For those whose dreams to write are still in the aspirational stage, the ability to engage in a process that allows them to fulfill their dream in such a short period of time is truly amazing.

What is so special about the way that the Tom Bird Method teaches people to write a book? It is that he doesn’t teach anyone how to write. Rather, he assumes that anyone attending the retreat already has the book within them and only needs to release it into the world. By creating a supportive atmosphere and guiding them to connect with their true purpose for sharing their message, the words just seem to flow. The process isn’t about focusing on the logical technique of writing, but rather allows the natural flow to come from the connection to the higher self without listening to the judgment or doubts from the mind that have always stopped the flow in the past.

In the process, much more often happens than just writing a book. Many attendees experience a profound healing process that leaves them a more confident, loving, compassionate and powerful human being. As Tom says in his most recent (of 30) books, Write Right From God: You, Words, Writing And Your Divine Purpose, “Through my work with over 80,000 would-be authors over the last 30 years, that I have seen lives, relationships, deep, sometimes forgotten wounds and writers healed, almost instantaneously, through the designs captured and set forth in this book.”

Tom Bird has truly created a vocation that is much more than a business. It fulfills his ultimate mission in life while assisting many others to connect with and fulfill one of their greatest needs, the need to express their true gift in a way that can have an impact on the world. For more information on Tom Bird and his writing retreats and workshops visit: