Tom Bell Reveals The Makings Of A Quality Air Knife

There is only one company that has finally solved a lingering question on how to ultimately cut manufacturing costs when the need to remove debris and liquids from a surface is required before a piece can be finalized.

Tom Bell, the owner of Turbotech explains, “The High Velocity Low Pressure Air Knife (HVLP) by Turbotech was specifically developed to meet these demands at a higher efficiency rate that results in a wider profit margin for industries worldwide.”

Air knives are used to blow off debris, control thickness of liquids, cool product surfaces, create force to hold down items for bonding or dry liquid coatings on products. They are also useful in bottle and can drying processes before labeling.

Engineers agree that air knives are the most ideal method of controlling or removing foreign matter from surfaces.

Pressurized air passes through spaces on the air knife in a laminar pattern and as this happens, the exit air velocity creates impact velocity on the target object. This velocity may be a gentle breeze or strong wave depending on the task. The speed of air (velocity) leaving the knife of choice determines the laminar produced which in turn dictates the quality of results.

The Makings of a Quality Air Knife

A good air knife must have the perfect angle of attack to ensure maximum impingement on the surface. Poor angle means more time on a single job which could lead to losses caused by low quality standards. It must also produce enough amounts of air to dry surfaces or wipe off debris from them.

Air knife system expert Tom Bell states that what makes the Turbotech’s engineered air knife solve this angle challenge is the teardrop shape which improves uniform air movement. He says, “For air knives, the ability to achieve optimum laminar flow is the hallmark of quality manufacturing.”

One application doesn’t fit all needs which is why all air blow off applications need a professional product developer and engineer to work with the manufacturer to develop a product suited to the exact needs without compromising the integrity of the line process.

Only then can a quality air knife system be designed and implemented to create the ideal work flow and application that realizes the efficiency needed in the manufacturing process.

In plain English, using air knives to dry, cool, wipe or blow surfaces reduces time that could be used to produce more output or manage other operations.

Air Knife Benefits

Compared to other industrial drying or cleaning applications, air knives greatly reduce the use of solvents in coatings which not only saves costs but also reduces curing times.

They also encourage the use of aqueous based washes and coatings through less drying time. This is great for the environment as such products do not pollute it.

Air knives works under a low pressure-high velocity principle which won’t damage products and provide a safer work environment than solutions that rely on compressed air.

Air Knives Designed For Specific Applications

Manufacturers realize the greatest efficiency when the air knife system is designed specifically to the application requirements. The most versatile design came from a high velocity low pressure Air Knife. Manufacturers look for air knife manufacturers who can adapt the air knife system to the required specific applications in mind, to ensure the best results from concept to production. Only through this approach to the process is it possible to deliver custom systems or single knife designs that will satisfy very specific gentle processing needs.

Any high velocity low pressure air knife needs to provide a controllable ergonomic system that can be automated for drying, removing and even applying a uniform liquid thickness. The mounting of this system is customizable to provide the operator with easy access to system controls. Giving the operator an easy and smooth process improves the quality of the final product.

The past traditional industrial cleaning, drying and wiping processes cost a lot of time and money, not to mention exposing operators to physical dangers. The use of an Air Knife system improves workplace safety and leads to higher worker productivity.

This is why manufacturers who want a higher profit margin scramble to get the best air knife on the market that meets all of their needs.

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