Todd Anderson San Diego Window Film Professional Exposes Myths About Window Tinting

Todd Anderson San Diego Window Film Professional said “The number one myth about window tinting would be that if a person puts window tint on their car, it’s going to bubble or discolor right away .”

Bubbling is a problem when people try to do it themselves or they use inferior products. If they are using a high-quality window tint to begin with, they don’t have to worry about bubbling. Todd recounted one situation “I remember a previous customer whose car I tinted 20 years ago. I went to his house about a month ago to tint another car, and he still had his old car. It was a 1989 Chevy El Camino and the tint looked just as good at that time as it did 20 years ago.”

When dealing with professional film, you don’t have to worry about bubbling, or the film turning purple.

Everyone has their own reasons why they want to tint their cars. Some people want to tint the cars because they want privacy, some because they want heat rejection, some want the sun not to blind them, or they don’t want headlights to be able to blind them from behind. Chuckling, Todd said “People do it because they commute many miles a day and they get suntans on the left side of their face and their arm.”

Many people park their cars outside. They go out to lunch, or they might go have to run an errand for work, and they get in their car and it’s burning hot in there. By tinting their windows they will not only keep the car cooler, it also helps the environment.

Todd told us, “If the car is not as hot when you get into it, you will not have to run your air conditioner, or you will not have to run it so hard, therefor you are not putting excess emissions into the air and wasting AC.

Window tint is actually a benefit to help cut down the heat that comes into a car Sometimes the person just wants to tint their windows to have them dark. There’s a lot more benefits to window tint than just making your car dark or cooler.

Another major benefit of tinting your windows, not only the car windows but the windows in home or business, is the blocking of ultraviolet rays. Regardless of the degree of darkness, window film will block 99% of all ultraviolet rays.

Blocking the ultraviolet rays will keep the upholstery in your car and home or office from damage.

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