Tired of Being Second Best? Andrew Sillitoe Shows You How to Create a Top Performance Team

No team aims to be second best however is it possible for an under-performing team to be transformed into a high performance one?

“Transforming a team is not ‘easy’, it takes courage, effort and strategic alignment. It is a science when approached in the right way a culture of high performance can be created and the team will achieve more than they ever thought possible” says Andrew Sillitoe, author of Managing the Mist – How to develop winning mind-sets and create high performing teams.

In life, sports or business, when aiming for gold you need the best players on the team, who are fit for the purpose. It starts with recruiting the ‘right’ talent for the job.

Andrew Sillitoe’s team performance development model is underpinned by both psychology and neuroscience. “The Get Your House in Order framework stated in the book is a metaphor for creating a holistic strategy; encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone, eliminating toxic ‘group think’ and removing any resistance to change.”

He also said, “For any team to live up to their true potential, it must make an emotional connection to the vision. When we stimulate dopamine in the brain it causes us to want to take action. However If we are threatened by the future, resistance such as fight-or-flight is caused, releasing adrenaline and in some cases cortisol. This reaction aids survival in the corporate world, but is not great for our well-being and will certainly not help deliver high performance. Organizations and leaders must have a strategy to disarm this response and align their team with a common purpose and clear expectations, which stimulates a positive emotion about the future state of the team.”

Andrew believes that coaches and facilitators help teams think differently about their potential. His method is not to give advice; his purpose is to facilitate change for creating a high performance culture where people can thrive, feel motivated and work to their full potential. Using his process, team members will be aligned and a coaching and feedback culture will be developed within the team; such as peer-to-peer coaching and mentoring. All barriers to performance will be identified and dealt with; and team members will be encouraged to think holistically about their strategy.

For more information on transforming your team’s performance please go to www.strategicteamcoach.com.