Tine Hagemeister of International Marbella Highlights the Importance of Acting for the Seller in the Luxury Property Market

With a career spanning over 30 years, Tine Hagemeister has developed an understanding of the needs and opportunities for high-net-worth individuals, looking to invest in the high-end residential and commercial real estate market in the South of Spain, which few can match.

Hagemeister’s real estate career started in the mid 1980’s selling residential property in the exclusive Mayfair, Knightsbridge & Belgravia areas of London and later on adding commercial property to her portfolio.  In the mid 1990’s she married and relocated to Marbella to join her husband; however, just prior to leaving she was responsible for the sale of the prestigious Brompton Hospital.  On arrival Tine was quickly headhunted by Sotheby’s International Real Estate as Director of Listings for the Marbella Area.

As her experience and understanding of the Marbella market grew, she quickly recognised that practically all agents in Marbella acted as both the agent for the buyers and the sellers and tended to list properties that they did not have an in-depth knowledge of.

Whilst this was not a concern in the lower end of the market, at the high-end of the property market, where homes are listed at over 1,000,000 and up to a non-disclosed figure, properties simply could not be marketed to their full potential by an agent who was contracted by both seller and buyer and did not have the resources to gather an intimate knowledge of the property and the sellers’ needs.

In 2010, Tine started International Marbella, the only dedicated bespoke real estate agency in Marbella that acts solely as selling agents and focuses in particular on the areas of the Golden Mile, Golf Valley & La Zagaleta. International Marbella also offers tailor-made solutions for demanding buyers.

At an initial consultation Tine, using her years of experience as a dedicated listing director, can quickly assess the marketing potential of a property and provide invaluable insight and guidance on how to achieve the best possible selling price, within the time frame that the client is looking to sell.

A no-nonsense professional approach is the key to the initial consultation. With an intimate knowledge of the requirements of her network of international investors and buyers looking to invest in prime residential as well as commercial property in Marbella, as well as a number of exclusive affiliate agencies, she will recognise immediately if the property has the potential to be sold through her network.

If International Marbella does take the property on, Tine, together with her team, will give detailed guidance as to any changes or enhancements that may need to be made to the property, any refinements to pricing that may be advisable and the best channels through which the property should be marketed.

For Hagemeister, multi-tasking is the key to ensure all avenues are covered when promoting a property, as well as offering practical solutions that make the owner’s property work in the meantime.

For example renting out a high-end property can bring in a substantial weekly return with the added benefit that, since International Marbella carefully vets all potential rental clients, there is a reasonable chance that a high-net-worth individual, willing to pay 5,000 – 10,000 a week, could also become the same person that would wish to buy the property.

Does not being a seller’s agent act against the vendor, as ultimately the vendor is looking for a buyer? “Absolutely not,” says Hagemeister “by focusing on the vendor’s property and ensuring that only the very best properties are listed, if we do agree to take on a property it is because we are confident that there is a demand for such property from buyers.”

The key is to only list properties in the areas that we have a deep understanding of and that we know meet the needs of our international clients. We have learned over the years that, while price is a factor for luxury properties, it is the quality of the home, its position and its layout that are equally important.

By specializing in only a few exclusive areas and by acting solely as a sellers’ agent we are able to take the time to gather an intimate knowledge of the property and its potential. We are then in a position to meet the needs of the seller, by achieving the best possible return on his or her  investment, and the buyer, by offering a property that perfectly meets his or her requirements.

If you would like to know more about investing in the Marbella property market or  purchasing or renting a high-end residential or commercial property, then the team at International Marbella can be contacted on: (+34) 951 319 914 or visit their website: www.internationalmarbella.com.

Alternatively please visit their offices located at Calle Califa 364, Local 1, Nueva Andalucia, 29660, Marbella.

Tine Hagemeister can be contacted personally by telephone: (+34) 607 520 701, by email: tine@internationalmarbella.com or visit her personal website: www.tinehagemeister.com.