Timothy Chin, CEO Of Referral Leaders International Creates Opportunities For Businesses To Grow In Any Economy

Timothy Chin shares a lifetime of lessons about the art and science of gaining referrals with business leaders through his company, Referral Leaders International. If you ask any business person in the world today what their number one challenge is, they would say attracting a consistent flow of new and repeat business. The September 2014 release of the NFIB Small Business Report confirmed that 13% of businesses reported weak sales as their number one problem. NFIB Chief Economist William Dunkelberg’s commentary cited that a persistent up-trend in reported increases in average selling prices snapped, probably in response to unexpectedly weak consumer spending.

As the national economy has continued the sputter along, the heart of America’s growth, the small business owner feels the most pinch. “Our members would contradict these findings simply because, as a group, their businesses continue to grow month after month,” said Timothy Chin, CEO of Referral Leaders International. “The basis of our organization is to help the small business owner have more sales as a direct result of the referral network we have in place,” he added.

An article in Bloomberg Business Week by Shawn P. O’Connor entitled Word of Mouth is the Best Ad” stated that “Even with the explosion of review applications and sites (e.g., Yelp, Google, Urbanspoon), research clearly demonstrates that word of mouth—product or service recommendations made by friends, co-workers, or neighbors you know and trust—is still the most effective way to win new customers.”

“I have always believed in word of mouth and the power of referrals,” said Chin. “When I founded Referral Leaders International, I wanted to create the most innovative and member focused networking group in existence, and I believe we are on our way.” A closer look at Referral Leaders International reveals why its members are seeing growth in their businesses month after month. In addition to the regular networking meetings, RLI members also receive business coaching as part of their dues. “I believe that learning is a never-ending process and with the expansion of social media, I wanted our members to have free access to the very best coaching in the areas of marketing, sales and business,” Chin added.

Members attend regular meetings where they discuss business issues, develop deep relationships and pass referrals to each other. The meetings are structured to give each person ample time to share information about their business and ask for referrals. Kiersten Adkins, a member of RLI said,“It’s more than a network, it’s people who live passionately and care deeply about others.”

In addition the the free business coaching, RLI also offers members a free seat for any non-profit, an earn your money back guarantee, nationwide retail discounts, the ability to purchase a chapter and a guaranteed chapter growth system. “When you put people first, you find that growth is inevitable in any market or economy,” explained Chin.

More information about Referral Leaders International, chapter locations and frequently asked questions can be found at http://www.referralleaders.com.