Tim Black – Awarded Outstanding Speaker at Speak Like a Champion Tour Event Held at the University of Notre Dame

T. Allen Hanes presents Tim Black, Best Selling Author, the outstanding speaker award at the Speak Like a Champion Tour that was held at the University of Notre Dame from July 31 through August 2, 2017. 

Tim was one of the 15 TOP speakers that spoke at this Epic business event.

Tim Black is a nationally recognized financial speaker and wealth planner.  Black, an Eagle Scout, was raised in a small farm community where he contributes much of his success to small-town values.  He attended a private college in Michigan studying Business, Economics, and History.  Tim began building his extensive knowledge by apprenticing at the Harrington Group, where he acquired many sought after educational certifications.  Known for his integrity and understanding of complex estate issues, Black believes that being of service is the highest calling and is frequently called upon by other industry professionals for advice and leadership support with several national organizations and people of influence.

Recently, Tim was invited as a member of the prestigious American Tax Planning Institute a renowned industry think-tank, working with many of the leaders in the world of business and finance.  He gives presentations to companies, non-profits, and churches on leadership development and estate planning.

On a personal note, you’ll find that while Tim has been in the presence of many presidents and world-leaders that he never forgot where he was born and raised in small-town America.


T. Allen Hanes

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