Three Little Known Methods for Generating More Sales Leads

Very few companies have as many customers as they could ever want or need.

As such, business owners are always on the look-out for different ways of generating more qualified sales leads which lead to more customers. That said, they must do so in an intelligent manner.

A lead that costs too much to find or nurture is not profitable and is often a poor use of a company’s resources. Here are three different methods for generating  qualified sales leads keeping cost per acquisition at a minimum, compliments of Anthony Picarello of All Big Leads.

“Depending on the industry, a decent lead generation site might convert between 5 and 40% of its visitors into some sort of a sales funnel,” states Mr. Picarello. “That means anywhere from 60 to 95% of those visitors is lost. Since the majority of people will not return to a site more than once, those visitors are lost forever.”

However, that isn’t always the case. Leveraging new technology called “retargeting” businesses can now reach those lost visitors by placing banner ads in-front of them as they navigate around the Web.

“We’re very excited about being able to offer this type of service to our clients,” Anthony says. “Until recently, this type of technology was too cost-prohibitive to the average business owner.”

So, with retargeting, businesses are now able to get more visitors back to their websites (and attract new visitors) but a decent percentage of those visitors might still not convert into sales leads.

It seems Mr. Picarello has an answer for that as well. “We like to place a chat box on every lead gen site we create and we encourage clients to do the same. The chat is only triggered when a visitor is leaving the site so we know that any conversions that come in through the chat are leads that we may never have received otherwise.”

How effective is this technology? According to Anthony, adding their simple technology can increase conversions by as much as 30%. This may not sound like much but it can amount to a great number of new leads over time.

The final method that Anthony suggests is something a little different. He suggests that business owners and professionals get themselves cited as the experts in their field in all the major new networks.

“When a business owner is recognized as an expert the sales process becomes much easier. He or she will hold a great deal of authority and this authority will allow for higher rates and it will open doors to further media exposure,” states Mr. Picarello. “We also advocate that the business owners leverage the logos of the major news channels in their marketing materials as this not only increases consumer confidence but it allows for an interesting point of conversation.”

For those wondering if getting into the major media is challenging, Picarello makes a bold statement, “If you’re running a legitimate business that is mainstream-friendly, we guarantee we can get you cited within three weeks.”

When these three methods are used in unison one can see how both the quantity and quality of leads can be increased substantially within a short period of time.

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