Thiefaine Magré Making Supply Chain Accessible A Concierge for Your Business

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Thiefaine Magré is not your ordinary businessman. He’s as genial as he is savvy, and his line of work defies the boundaries of consulting and manufacturing. To the small businesses he serves, Magré’s work is a godsend at some of the most stressful times for a business owner, and for others, he’s the integral component of a well-oiled business plan.

  Magré operates Prouduct LLC, a sourcing and supply chain consulting company with customers in the United States, Germany, French Polynesia, and Canada. In just a few years, Magré has established himself as a leader and trusted partner in supplying products to a diverse clientele, from innovators creating their own products to healthcare professionals starting their own firm to conferences like Social Media Marketing World in San Diego.

Prouduct’s largest client group is new and growing businesses looking for ‘end-to-end product creation.’ This can include engineered design, manufacturing, packaging, and shipment or any service in between. Magré also works with high-profile influencers who have large followings and want to create their own products to expand on the brand they’ve created.

“We think of ourselves as a concierge-level service,” Magré said in a recent interview. “We’re like a servant that does all of these parts of the business you don’t understand or that you don’t want to dedicate all your time to.”

Magré’s success stories aren’t difficult to find. He’s worked with John Lee Dumas, host of one of the top podcasts in the world, “Entrepreneur on Fire.”  Magré created his goal-setting workbook, The Freedom Journal. This initial project has led to two more books that Magré’s Prouduct helped produce, which generated an extensive amount of income for Dumas.

Magré likes to make the ins and outs of successful companies accessible to other up-and-coming businesses. Through social media and Prouduct’s website, Magré and his partners share compelling and interesting stories to inspire those who are listening. “We’re telling stories about experiences with factories, trends, things that are happening. That’s one of the best ways to get free, valuable and actionable information for small businesses.”

One of those stories involves a brand new dental office that enlisted Magré’s support when their online order of dental chairs was derailed by an issue with US Customs. Magré says his firm was able to secure an FDA-certified chair to the office just in time for their grand opening. Saving companies money and keeping their reputation intact is exactly what Magré does best.

“The goal is to make sure we’re adding value wherever you need it most,” Magré says. “There’s a lot of things happening. Let us take some of those burdens, some of those hard and most complicated portions, and we’ll do a great job for you.”

Magré’s knack for business and working across the globe have roots in both his upbringing and a transformational internship in college. His father worked in international trade for IBM, which initially drew a young Magré to the hotel industry. He pursued an internship in hospitality management where he quickly knew he needed to shift gears.

“I said to myself: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I have to pivot. I have to do something. And that’s how I really started in this business.”

Magré was able to accompany a professor on a sourcing trip to China and fell in love with the industry. The professor took Magré on after college, where he spent several years learning the ropes and details of product management before launching his own firm. The experience in China, along with Magré’s love for travel, was the perfect blend of what is now a powerful force in the sourcing industry. He regularly accompanies clients to factories and trade shows in Asia on executive tours so they can see firsthand how their products are made.

Magré’s next business venture is one on which he’s spent a great deal of time: a product guide podcast.

“We’re going to talk with entrepreneurs, businessmen, consultants, and experts from companies about building products, inventing, selling, and making products. We’re really going to make it insightful for people that either own product-based companies or that would like to own a product based company.”

Just hearing Magré speak about the podcast, it’s difficult not to share his passion and excitement. With a launch date set for September, Magré has already begun booking and recording guests. It’s an extension of what Prouduct LLC is best known for, and in the coming years, Magré hopes to see even more businesses growing and profiting with the tactics his team uses every day. To learn more about sourcing your products, visit

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