The SuperDad Formula: Dr. Linda’s Guide to Unleashing Your Parenting Superpowers By Dr. Linda Abujaber Named #1 International Bestseller On Amazon

A new parenting book just for dads, The SuperDad Formula: Dr. Linda’s Guide to Unleashing Your Parenting Superpowers by Dr. Linda Abujaber, M.D. was recently named a “Hot New Release” by Amazon and quickly rose to become a #1 International Bestseller on Amazon rising in the rankings for several Amazon categories for the US, UK, Australia and Canada. The SuperDad Formula reached #1 in Pediatrics > Emergencies, Family & General Practice, and Parenting & Relationships > Family Relationships > Fatherhood categories.


The SuperDad Formula is a guide for new and experienced dads who want to be the best fathers they can be. Written with step-by-step guidance, easy to understand explanations and the understanding that dads want to be awesome, this guide has the answers.

The SuperDad Formula is the first book in a 3-book parenting series she is creating to offer simple step-by-step parenting advice and instruction for moms, dads and grandparents who want to provide the best care for their children and grandchildren. She also offers an in-depth collection of parenting videos at According to Dr. Abujaber, “The most important part of being an amazing parent is loving your child, but the second most important piece is educating yourself in order to be the best parent. Part of my life’s mission is to help parents get the information they need to achieve this aim.”

Dr. Abujaber answers parenting questions and has produced an instructional video series on parenting available on her website at She has been practicing medicine for 31 years and is on a mission to make holistic wellness readily available to families. She is Board Certified in General Pediatrics, Pediatric Infectious Diseases and in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She has also trained in Acupuncture, Pediatric Hypnosis, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Clinical Homeopathy and Grief Recovery and is well educated in the use of herbs and supplements to keep you healthy and restore you to health when it is temporarily lost.

About Dr. Linda Abujaber, M.D.

Dr. Linda Abujaber ran her own Pediatric Integrative practice for 15 years while she raised two very active children (now young adults). Both she and her children have faced health challenges that the standard medical model was not able to solve which propelled her into exploring and then learning different healing modalities which she uses, not just to solve her own children’s challenges, but also the challenges of thousands of mothers, fathers and children who have sought her help over the years. Dr. Abujaber now brings these solutions to busy parents so that they have the information and tools they need readily available to raise holistically thriving children.

The SuperDad Formula: Dr. Linda’s Guide to Unleashing Your Parenting Superpowers is available online at Amazon: