The Singing Massage Therapist, Karyn Lynn Grant, Brings Joy to America By Ministering To Those With Broken Hearts

It was never Grant’s goal to sing for the masses and the multitudes. When it comes to singing in public, Grant tends to shy away. Her voice is a lullabying voice meant for the one. As a teen, she wanted to write and sing her songs for Jesus. She began to sing for “the one” when she felt inspired to write a song for a heartbroken friend. Soon more songs were flowing through her pen as she wrote songs to comfort her children, her family, her friends and eventually her massage clients. When she learned of each person’s heartache, Grant would pray for a lullaby to give that individual comfort and hope to carry on. Grant began to be invited to perform her music for churches of all denominations, ministering and singing at the prisons, singing at homeless shelters, at the VA hospital and at women’s groups and beyond.

Grant stated: “Once I was asked to tell my story, at a fundraiser, about arising victorious over my trials as a single mother. The fundraiser was to earn money for a local center which treats and supports families in crisis. At that luncheon, I sang a song to all the men in the room. Afterwards an anonymous donor quietly announced to the officiator, with tears streaming down his cheeks, ‘That singing single mother broke my heart’. He then wrote out a check for 30K for the groundbreaking of that center all because his heart was touched by the power of one song.”

In addition to serenading her own private clientele, Grant created a program called “A Day of Healing” for the Myers Mortuaries in Northern Utah. Family members who had lost a loved one were invited to come and receive a one-on-one personal experience with Grant’s gentle musical-aromatherapy sessions. The testimonials that followed expressed deep appreciation and gratitude for these gentle personalized sessions. Each note expressed by those who experienced being ministered to, unanimously felt that this was a beautifully effective way for their hearts to gracefully release their grief and to remember the love and joy they felt for their loved ones.

What began as a childhood dream to minister to “the one” has now evolved into Joy Coaching America and Joy Coaching Academy which is spreading beyond this nation to Australia. Joy Coaching Academy is Grant’s online system for training other nurturers in “mending hearts with healing arts.” With Grant’s 1000 songs and musical meditations, she is “The Singing Massage Therapist.” Even with Grant’s growing success, she will never stop writing and singing for “the one.”

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