The Power of Physical & Mental Fitness. A Short Interview with Vitality Coach & Trainer, Megan Nolan.

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In this interview, Vitality Coach Megan Nolan sheds light on the crucial role of physical and mental fitness in our lives. Megan emphasizes the significance of prioritizing self-care and cultivating a strong connection with oneself, particularly for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. With her expertise in supporting individuals in achieving their goals while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life, Megan shares insights into her Purposeful Powerhouse Practice and how it integrates yoga, exercise, and mental fitness to empower entrepreneurs to show up as their most powerful and authentic selves. Through this conversation, we gain valuable wisdom on the transformative impact that prioritizing our well-being can have on our personal and professional endeavors.

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[Q] Can you explain how supports purpose-driven entrepreneurs?

I am dedicated to assisting purpose-driven entrepreneurs in achieving their goals. I firmly believe that, as change makers, we possess a deep passion and drive to make a difference in the world. However, we often neglect our own well-being in the process. My role is to help entrepreneurs prioritize self-care so that they can effectively take care of their businesses.

I achieve this through the development of a Purposeful Powerhouse Practice, which encompasses various elements. This practice involves starting the day with intention, engaging in mindful thinking and purposeful movement, and embodying the most empowered version of oneself. By incorporating tools such as yoga, exercise, and mental fitness, I guide entrepreneurs in integrating these practices into their daily routines without it overwhelming their schedules.

As highly creative and visionary individuals, it’s easy for us to overlook our physical bodies until they remind us through pain or illness. However, taking care of ourselves on all levels and efficiently managing our time is crucial for long-term success. It enables us to accomplish our goals, fulfill our mission, and still have the energy and time for other important aspects of our lives. While business is important, personal growth and fulfillment encompass various dimensions.

Therefore, my focus lies in helping entrepreneurs develop self-awareness and establish a deep connection with themselves. I strongly believe that our work and businesses are a reflection of who we are as individuals. By gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and aligning our actions with our authentic truth, we become more impactful and effective in our endeavors.

[Q] How do you help clients overcome their biggest obstacles?

One of the key obstacles we address is helping clients navigate their inner dialogue. As visionary individuals who take action, our minds can either be our greatest asset or our biggest hindrance. This challenge is particularly prevalent among creative and visionary entrepreneurs who struggle to justify taking time away from their businesses. The relentless push to constantly be on the go can lead to a disconnect between what they want to do and what they actually prioritize. Establishing strong boundaries around personal time and prioritizing self-care becomes difficult due to their unwavering dedication to their business.

The initial step involves reminding clients that they are an integral part of their own business. To achieve their desired goals, it is essential for them to be strong, healthy, and happy. Recognizing the true value of their well-being becomes the first obstacle to overcome. Although they may understand this conceptually, their minds often provide convincing arguments for delaying self-care.

A significant aspect of my approach is helping clients gain awareness of the mind’s tricks and patterns. This aligns with the principles of yoga practice, which involve mastering and focusing the mind. Additionally, I assist clients in identifying self-sabotaging behaviors that may manifest as exercise avoidance, perfectionism, or the constant pressure to excel in every aspect of their lives. I affectionately refer to these patterns as the “****** committee,” as they tend to engage in negative self-talk and make individuals feel inadequate.

By developing an understanding of their stumbling blocks and recognizing these patterns, clients can begin to challenge their negative self-talk. Increasing awareness and recognizing that they are not their thoughts or minds but rather the observers of their thoughts empowers them to take control. These interconnected obstacles pave the way for deeper shifts in mindset and behavior as clients realize that they have the power to make choices and establish healthy boundaries.

These are the primary obstacles we work on together, and the tools I employ encompass the techniques I just mentioned.

[Q] What are the common fears that hinder people from seeking your assistance?

The initial fear that often brings people to me is their past struggles with inconsistency. They may have started endeavors before but failed to follow through. This fear is closely tied to a lack of accountability and support in their previous experiences, which prevented them from staying on track. Many of my clients are driven, focused, and enthusiastic about learning and trying new things. However, they tend to be easily distracted. Consequently, their fear revolves around whether they can commit and stay consistent with the program I offer.

Another fear that holds people back is the concern about the time investment required. They wonder how long it will take to see tangible results and how much time they will need to dedicate each day to experience improvements. In such cases, I emphasize the integrated nature of the practices I provide. By engaging in multiple practices simultaneously, clients can experience internal shifts relatively quickly. It doesn’t require a significant amount of time to begin noticing positive changes within themselves, which will eventually manifest externally. Addressing these fears involves highlighting the multifaceted and impactful approach we undertake.

By addressing these concerns and providing reassurance regarding accountability and time investment, I can help alleviate the fears that hinder people from seeking my assistance.

[Q] Could you provide an example of a transformation that occurred as a result of your guidance?

Absolutely! Even in self-paced programs without one-on-one support, remarkable transformations occur when individuals consistently show up for themselves and engage in the practice. Many of these transformations revolve around a significant shift in their inner dialogue, leading to improved mental and emotional well-being. Clients often notice a drastic change in how they speak to themselves, particularly when looking in the mirror. These internal shifts then begin to manifest externally.

In the case of clients who participate in my self-paced programs and become part of my community, even from a distance, I have witnessed incredible transformations. However, when I work with clients one-on-one, providing close and interactive support, the transformations become even more powerful and long-lasting. I have seen clients lose anywhere from 10 to over 60 pounds, experiencing a newfound sense of confidence and inner balance.

Let me share the story of Amber, one of my clients. Her journey initially focused on reestablishing a positive exercise routine. She had tried various approaches in the past but had lost her love and motivation for exercise. However, when we began working together, she rediscovered the joy and fulfillment that physical activity brings. This sense of well-being extended beyond her personal life and positively influenced her relationship with her partner. She felt stronger and more confident in her body, which improved their connection. Amber also noticed a transformation in her presence and demeanor when interacting with her team members. She became calmer, grounded, and more authentic, leading her team from a place of truth and integrity.

Amber’s transformation also had a profound impact on her business. She experienced financial growth and was able to serve a larger number of people, making a greater impact in her field. It all started with her commitment to self-care and prioritizing her well-being. This is the core essence of my work: by serving ourselves, we become better equipped to serve our communities and make a meaningful difference in the world.

[Q] What inspired you to become a Vitality coach?

My journey as an entrepreneur has been a consistent theme throughout my professional career. With the exception of a short period in high school, I have always been self-employed. After completing university, I ventured into the field of personal training, which naturally aligns with entrepreneurship as personal trainers often operate as independent contractors. This journey has spanned over 18 years.

The inspiration for my transition into mindset coaching stems from a genuine desire to help people. Although my educational background was in gerontology, I realized that working in a retirement home or nursing facility was not where I wanted to direct my career after graduation. Despite initial concerns from my parents, I chose a different path. Immediately after finishing school, I moved to Hawaii and became a personal trainer. My focus was on taking a proactive approach to aging and assisting others in a way that I found fulfilling.

My introduction to yoga was initially motivated by the desire for physical benefits, such as the renowned “yoga booty.” However, I soon discovered that yoga offers much more than just physical fitness. It provides a gateway to inner peace and profound personal growth. This journey of starting with the physical aspects and gradually delving into the transformative tools of yoga is a common experience for many practitioners. The practice of yoga serves as a guide on the path of self-discovery and self-transformation.

[Q] What is the most important question individuals should ask themselves before hiring a mindset coach for their business?

The primary question individuals should ask themselves is, “Why am I pursuing this?” Gaining clarity on one’s motivations is crucial. It is important to understand whether you are seeking support out of a sense of obligation or if you genuinely believe that it will contribute to your personal growth and overall well-being. Aligning your reasons for seeking support with your goals and values is essential.

Often, we engage in activities because we feel obligated or because we believe we should be doing them. However, when seeking support, it is vital to consider whether the endeavor will genuinely support you as an individual and whether you will find enjoyment in the process. If something feels like a burden or obligation, it becomes challenging to sustain the commitment. Conversely, when you engage in something that sparks passion and feels fulfilling, you are more likely to stay committed and reap the benefits of the coaching process.

[Q] What factors should individuals consider before hiring a Vitality coach?

Before hiring a Vitality coach, there are several important factors to consider.

First and foremost, reflect on your motivation and assess whether the coach or coaching system will genuinely support you on your personal and professional journey. Consider whether their approach aligns with your goals and values and whether they will provide the necessary guidance to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Another critical factor is the connection you feel with the coach. Pay attention to how you resonate with their language and communication style. It’s essential to have a connection and feel that it’s a relationship you want to cultivate in your life. With numerous coaches and different systems available, it’s important to find one that aligns not only with your business needs but also with your holistic vision for yourself, your health, your business, and your community. Assess whether their approach will support you in accomplishing your goals and moving towards your larger vision.

Consider how their coaching aligns with the version of yourself you aspire to become. This evaluation prevents investing time and energy in multiple directions that may not lead you toward your desired destination. Reflect on whether the coach’s approach resonates with the vision of who you want to become. You can consult your intuition, higher self, or inner knowing to gain clarity. Trusting your intuition and inner guidance can be invaluable in making decisions that align with your true vision and aspirations.

While this approach may be seen as unconventional by some, tuning into your intuition and trusting your instincts can lead you to make choices that are in alignment with your authentic self and propel you toward your desired outcomes.


How can we find out more about you and what you do?

You can find me on Instagram, where I spend a lot of time sharing valuable tips, tools, podcast episodes, and updates about my book. My Instagram handle is @iammegannolan. It’s a great platform to connect and learn more.

Additionally, you can visit my website at There, you’ll find a wealth of resources and updates about what’s going on in my world. It’s another excellent avenue to explore and gather more information about my work.

Feel free to connect with me on Instagram or visit my website to dive deeper into what I do and access the resources available. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing more about my passion and offerings.

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