The Indie Collaboration Publishes Eighth Book In International Anthology Market

The Indie Collaboration released the eighth entry into their unique anthology series in February 2015. This anthology, Kiss and Tales 2: A Romantic Collection, is a collection of free original romantic tales brought to you by a group of independent authors who call themselves collectively, The Indie Collaboration.

In the last year and a half, The Indie Collaboration has entered into the international market for anthology style print and ebooks with a unique spin on supporting and marketing works for independent authors. Last Valentine’s day, the group offered a sister book, Kiss and Tales: A Romantic Collection which reached #1 on Amazon best-seller free book lists and showed well in downloads throughout the Valentine’s season on Smashwords.

The founding member of The Indie Collaboration, UK-based author Peter John says, “The Indie Collaboration grew out of a group of like-minded independent authors. Together, we decided to show the world how great works of fiction can be created without the involvement of any large publishing companies.”

The first seven entries in the collaboration’s collection are: Tales from Dark Places: The Halloween Collection, Yuletide Tales: A Festive Collective, Kiss and Tales: A Romantic Collection, Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tales: A Children’s Collection, Summer Shorts, Spectacular Tales: A Science Fiction Collection and Tales from Darker Places: A Chilling Horror Anthology.

The list of contributors for each collection changes depending on each individual contributor’s interests and area of writing specialty.

Contributing author, Alan Hardy says, “The idea of a group of authors who have come together to offer up books to the reading public is an exciting way ahead for indie writers. I think this is important, writers coming together and taking control of their literary destinies.”

Contributing author Kristina Jacobs says, “Reading anthologies is a great way to tap into a wealth of mostly undiscovered, yet very talented writers. We are truly a diverse group of writers and we have members from all over the world. It shows in the unique stories and collections that we are able to create.”

The next installment from The Indie Collaboration will be published in Spring 2015. A follow up to their first children’s anthology, the second children’s anthology is called Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

You can learn more about The Indie Collaboration, the group of contributing authors and their mission online at: