The Family Travel Bloggers At No Home Nomadder Share Their First Two Weeks On The Road

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It was a stressful beginning to May 2019 for the No Home Nomadder family. The Howe’s packed up their life and set off from their home in Marietta, GA, just north of Atlanta to explore the United States in their Toyota Sienna minivan. 

The first 2 weeks has already seen them travel over two thousand miles from Atlanta throughout Florida and back through Georgia to Tennessee. 

The Howe family comprise of Neil, dad and best selling author, Amanda, mom and travel blogger and their two Irish twins Avie and Paisley who are twelve and eleven respectively. They also travel with their service dog, Bailey and their Coca-Cola icon, Candler.

Their journey so far has included taking in the best resorts Wyndham has to offer in Pompano Beach, FL and Orlando. Neil Howe shares, “It is important to us to have a comfortable home base when exploring an area and Wyndham certainly provided that with outstanding accommodation both in South Florida and Orlando. We thank them for their hospitality. The staff were really great at both the Palm Aire and Cypress Palms resorts and the girls had a great time at the pools and the scheduled activities.”

During their time in south Florida, the Nomadders were able to take in some fishing at Deerfield beach, hunting for alligator in the Everglades National Park as well as experiencing South Beach and the glitz and glamor of Palm Beach. 

“The wildlife and nature in south Florida were really breathtaking. There are Iguanas running around as well as the alligator and snakes which we were constantly reminded to look out for, but the trees were what really stuck out to me. There were so many trees with such character all around. They are a really great backdrop for pictures”, said Amanda Howe. 

The Howe’s document their journey on their social media platforms and their blog where their two daughters, Avie and Paisley have become the stars sharing their poses as the models for the blog. 

The girls get their education on the road learning the geography of new places and the history and stories of each region. Of course, there is a lot of fun and play time too at the resort pools and activities they have been a part of. 

Florida is always a great destination for the sun, sand and theme parks around Orlando, but there is so much more to see in the rest of the country too. 

Follow along with the Nomadders on their multiple social accounts to see where and what their next adventure will be. 

The Howe’s plan on taking in all 50 states and documenting their findings in a travel guide detailing the best things to do in each state as well as places to eat, stay, explore and play. 

The journey will take at least a year, but they are looking forward to creating memories as a family and sharing their journey with their growing audience. 

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