Texas Based Health Coaching School Founder Carlene Saelg Shares Tips On Starting a Health Coaching Practice in 2019

In the United States, health coaching has emerged as a $6 billion service market, with a strong growth outlook over the next years.

Most of the $2.7 trillion national annual health care budget is dedicated to patients with chronic and mental health conditions. These costs can be reduced with health coach programs for those who need to improve their lifestyle, eliminate any bad habits, encourage better nutrition and exercise, and better manage their chronic conditions.

“According to the statistics, there are an estimated 109,000 U.S. health coaches and health educators combined, with average yearly earnings of $56,370. Their numbers are growing every year”, says Carlene Saelg, founder of PMI Health Coach School

And for good reasons. Today there are 74 million baby boomers (ages currently between 55- 75) in the United States and many of them will hire health coaches to improve their health and wellness and manage their chronic conditions. Also, insurance companies are forcing organizations toward more preventative healthcare for medical conditions such diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

Flexible schedules and the increased demand make health coaching a great career. The positive impact can also be seen by patients, as health coaches can dedicate more time to them than doctors usually can, building a relationship that more easily leads to the needed lifestyle change they need.

The following steps are needed for those who want to start and grow a successful health coaching practice in 2019.

Research the health coach certification providers

“One key problem facing the health coaching industry is that a clear and generally accepted national standard does not exist”, stated Saelg. “Also, there are certifications programs that can be done online, from the comfort of your own home, so any extra expenses are kept to a minimum.”

There are lots of organizations providing a health coach certification, so due diligence is needed.

Decide on a niche

A health coaching practice is a business just like any other. Usually health coaches choose to specialize in a specific area like weight loss coaching, chronic disease management (like diabetes) or lifestyle improvement (adopting a healthier diet, managing stress or getting rid of bad habits).

“The more you niche down and focus on one particular audience you want to help, the more targeted your marketing becomes and the easier it will be to find clients”, says Saelg.

Improve your marketing and sales skills

According to existing surveys, 60% of Americans say they want health coaching, but 80% of them have never had it offered to them.

Saelg says, “A big part of your job will be to market your practice and having sales conversation so that you ensure a steady flow of clients into your new health coaching practice. Make sure you have a good marketing foundation in place.”

Luckily today health coaches are only a few posts away from their ideal audience and big marketing budgets are no longer needed to grow your practice. A carefully targeted ad published on the right social media channel for your business can help you reach thousands of people in only a few days.

“As I witness from the students that enroll in my online health coaching certification program, this is an opportunity that is especially appealing for people over 40 who have faced age discrimination since the recession”, adds Saelg.

Carlene Saelg is the founder of PMI Health Coaching School, an accessible and affordable international certification program. To learn more visit http://powerfullymade.com