T. Allen Hanes Small Business Growth Expert Offering $5000.00 Business Coaching Grants at Notre Dame Event

Business Results Syndicate CEO, #1 Best Selling author and award-winning speaker and small business growth expert T. Allen Hanes is offering small business owners and entrepreneurs $5,000 grants for weekly group coaching at The University of Notre Dame. July 31st and August 1st, 2017.

“In order to survive, all small businesses need to generate more revenue,” according to T Allen, CEO for Business Results Syndicate. “The problem is they have no formal process for doing that. We’ve discovered all small business owners overlook 3 critical marketing fundamentals… and if they would let us help them apply these fundamentals to their business, they would instantly increase their revenue by a minimum of $10,000, and often much, much more. We can help them do that in just 30 days… guaranteed.”

We help business owners obtain the funds they need to out-think, out-market & outsell their competition.

Our business is helping Business Owners build successful and profitable businesses. We believe small business is the backbone of the global economy. Unfortunately, the global economy is on shaky ground and small business owners need access to TOP level resources, templates, and strategies to ensure they’re success.

The world’s businesses need help… with many of them teetering on bankruptcy.

How We Help…

We offer Business Owners up to $5,000 in grants to use toward purchasing professional online business coaching tools and resources. The internet can be an expensive place to get started properly. Therefore most Business Owners today lack the basic business fundamentals required to successfully operate a profitable business… both offline and online.

Hanes went on to add, “we are inviting local business owners to join us the University of Notre Dame to attend a Focus Group to find out their challenges and to share with them what is working.  But, you must attend to be eligible for the $5,000 grants that we are providing.  We offer weekly group coaching to eligible businesses. This weekly coaching focuses on providing them with a powerful marketing strategy every week specifically designed to make them more money… starting that day.”

Hanes belongs to an elite group of around 100 business coaches… and every month they pool their resources and allocate a certain number of $5,000 educational grants based on the results each coach produces for their clients. This month Hanes was awarded 20 of these grants that he can provide to 20 business owners who are struggling right now financially.  The only catch is you must attend the event at Notre Dame.   You can reserve your seat by clicking here.

The next stop on 2017 Speak Like a Champion Speaking Tour and Business Event Experience is the prestigious University of Notre Dame. Mark your calendars for July 30th VIP night, July 31-Aug 2, we think you should be there.

After the hugely successful Speak Like a Champion event at NASA Houston – Johnson Space Center, last January, the tour is picking up momentum and this promises to be another epic business learning and networking experience.

About the Speak Like A Champion Tour:

“ From the first day, I was amazed by the depth of knowledge of each speaker. The education I received was the best investment I have made in 2017. I not only learned so much, but I met great people and had a ton of fun.” Dave Gould – CEO – Essential Wisdom LLC

The Notre Dame event is being headlined by VIP Keynote, legendary speaker, author, and businessman,  Jim Connelly.

Jim Connelly, Vice President, Lou Holtz Hall of Fame and National Keynote Speaker for the Napoleon Hill Foundation says…

“It’s Not What Happens To You In Life,

But What You Do About It That Matters.”

Sharing the stage with Jim are 15 hand-picked top business leaders from around the country. Each sharing their unique vision and the next stop on the 2017 Speak Like a Champion Speaking Tour and Business Event Experience is the prestigious University of Notre Dame. Mark your calendars for July 30th VIP night, July 31-Aug 2, we think you should be there.

By attending this event, you will:

  • Become a top performer in your life. Learn how simple it is to perform at your best.
  • Find your voice, purpose & personal power.
  • Obtain a clear business path & suggested resources for ALL of your marketing for products, services, coaching, or live events.
  • Learn how your authority is what you create based on your expertise using content and 3rd party endorsements.
  • How Everything You’ve Been Taught About Generating Leads and Running Your Business Is WRONG!
  • Twenty lucky business owners will be presented with a $5,000 grant for business coaching

But the benefits don’t stop there…

Our events are all about added value and bonuses for you, about the epic experience and networking opportunities.

Buy your tickets today, there is limited space available,  and we wouldn’t want you to miss it.

Early bird pricing ends July 15th at midnight.

BONUS.  Each speaker has put together a bonus package for you totaling $1000.00’s of actionable items you can implement right now.  Reserve your seat today!

Click here NOW! http://speaklikeachampion.com

The bonuses far outway the cost to attend which makes it a no brainer.

The only catch is you must attend all 3 days to receive your BONUS package.

Click here NOW! http://speaklikeachampion.com



T. Allen Hanes

T. Allen Hanes is a #1 Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Co-founder of the Crypto Business Forum New York and host of The Authority Syndicate Radio Show and T. Allen Hanes radio show on the Business Innovators Radio Network and WCKG Chicago. Contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine, Thrive Global, Medium.com, and Huffington Post covering Influencers, Innovators in Business, Health, Finance, Marketing, and Personal Development.