T. Allen Hanes Selected to Be Featured in the “Keep Smiling” Celebrity Edition 2.0 Book

T. Allen Hanes of The Authority Syndicate Group, LLC. has been selected to be featured in the Keep Smiling Shift Happens, Celebrity Edition 2.0 book.   The celebrities included in the book are. Bret Michaels, “Rockin & Smiling”, Kevin Harrington, “Sharks Smile at Opportunity”,  Carl Weathers, “Smiles Will Knock You Out!”, Jonathon Goldsmith, “I Don’t Always Smile, But When I do, I Love to Hold this Keep Smiling Card”.

The selection was made by Ken Rochon CEO of The Umbrella Syndicate, and Perfect Publishing. 

Hanes went on to say “It’s an honor to be apart of an awesome movement Keep Smiling Shift Happens.  What better way is there to impact someone’s life than with a simple smile.  

Little did I know that attending the Business Expert Forum at the Harvard Faculty Club, and speaking on the main stage at the Harvard Faculty Club would cause this book to be seated.  Ken Rochon was one of the featured speakers and the event photographer, social media coordinator.  I noticed he was taking photos of the speakers holding “Keep Smiling” cards.  I approached Ken and asked why he was doing this?  Ken went on to explain, “I met a gentleman and I do mean a gentleman. His name is Barry Shore and he exudes so much love you can’t help but soak it in. I was heading somewhere to do something and don’t remember what it was… I was entranced by the man’s spirit. He smiled from ear-to-ear, the photographer in me couldn’t believe what I was experiencing and witnessing. I wanted to capture him with my camera and hopes I could revisit this moment as often as I wished. Invited me to sit down and he shared his philosophy about keep smiling. And I was hooked!”

Ken continued, “I went home and couldn’t stop thinking about this man and his mission. I decided to call him up and ask if I could help him create the keep smiling movement on social media and books. I felt confident I could turn his card and philosophy and two of the biggest movements on the planet. He agreed and sent me a hundred thousand cards to get started with. This book is to honor my friend Barry and to show I have put the cards to good use when this card is placed in someone’s hand magic happens and smile radiates in the person’s spirit is awakened”

After hearing Ken’s story I was hooked and wanted to help with the movement.  As they say the rest is history.

To find out more about the “Keep Smiling” movement and book go here: http://bit.ly/keepsmilingbook