T. Allen Hanes is Offering to Find ANY Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur a Minimum of $10,000 Lying Hidden in Their Business… In Just 45 Minutes.

Business Results Syndicate CEO and small business growth expert T. Allen Hanes is offering to find ANY small business owner or entrepreneur a minimum of $10,000 lying hidden in their business… in just 45 minutes.

“In order to survive, all small businesses need to generate more revenue,” according to T Allen, CEO for Business Results Syndicate. “The problem is they have no formal process for doing that. We’ve discovered all small business owners overlook 3 critical marketing fundamentals… and if they would let us help them apply these fundamentals to their business, they would instantly increase their revenue by a minimum of $10,000, and often much, much more. We can help them do that in just 30 days… guaranteed.”

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur and you’re interested in finding at least $10,000 in hidden profit lying dormant in your business, you may attend a VIP hosted presentation hosted by T. Allen Hanes and sponsored by Small Business Alliance where he will show small business owners how to build a thriving and market-dominating business. This content-rich presentation is scheduled for Saturday, July 8th from 11:00 AM-1:00 PM CDT. The presentation “Everything You’ve Been Taught about Generating Leads and Growing Your Business is WRONG! will include 45 minutes of roll-up-your-sleeves and teach-me-what-to-do, state-of-the-art content focusing on the secrets to marketing your small business both online and offline. The information presented is specifically designed to help small business owners learn the skills, strategies, and tactics that will enable them to take their business to the next level. Following the presentation, all attendees will be given the opportunity to request the $10,000 in 45 minutes  Hidden Revenue Discovery Challenge… compliments of Business Results Syndicate and Small Business Alliance. Just visit businessresultssyndicate.link/workshop to register for this business-altering presentation.

T. Allen Hanes has agreed to provide this information cost-free as a public service in association with Small Business Alliance.

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