Susan Ross of Blue Ocean Business Coaching Discusses the Essentials of Business Coaching

Susan Ross, Entrepreneur, CEO, Business Coach and Trainer has devoted 20 years of her life to business education as a speaker and business college founder. She attended business college and gained the necessary knowledge and education which has made her one of the finest business coaching minds in the country.

Having started her consultation and coaching services from the grass root levels, which included small business owners and sole entrepreneurs, Susan has mastered the art of getting the best out of a small start up at their initial stage.

According to Susan, the first 5 years of small business start up is very important as it is necessary to gain some amount of profits or else the drive for excellence goes away. After making her mark in a small industries sector, Susan was driven to broaden her horizon by sharing her knowledge to a larger section of people, this led to the formation of her very own private Business College, which specialized in training entrepreneurs in business leadership, management and sales. After many stages of inspection and clarifications, the US government finally approved her institution as a government authorized agency.

Essentials of Business Coaching:

According to Susan Ross, there are various aspects to business coaching which if not implemented properly, it might prove to be detrimental to the need of a new entrepreneur or small business owner.

A Business coach has to implement strategies and tactics to “Sell the Dream” and gain profits at the earliest possible stage. Susan Ross further stated that only 16% of all small businesses gain profits in their first 5 years; she referred to this section of successful businesses as “Sweet 16” as they have been successful to overcome the initial hurdle to starting a functional business entity.

Susan Ross emphasized on the need of profits within the first 5 years of the functioning of the business. If the capital invested into a business does not yield profit within 5 years of its institution, the business is bound to die off eventually. Susan Ross also stated that over 40% of all business startups die due to various reasons such as bad technicians, lack of manpower, backdated marketing skills and lack of capital.

How to Get Higher Percentage of Profit? According to Susan Ross, the first thing which has to be kept in mind while starting a business is that a great tactician can get great results. It is very important for the proprietor to be good at what he is doing in order to attract customers and sell his products or services.

The second most important factor which plays a big role in a successful business entity is manpower. There are various sole entrepreneurship projects; most of them die fast as it is impossible for a sole person to run a business all by himself. He needs an efficient team which comprises of members who can provide him assistance to the various departments of his start up such as marketing, sales and production. Hence, a great tactician with a great team can get great results.

Susan Ross’s Journey: from a 1 on 1 Business coach to a Founder of a Master Mind System Groups: From time to time again, Susan Ross has stated that she had enjoyed working with individual clients and tending to their needs one at a time. However, she also believes in learning from within a group where opinions can be shared, and thoughts can flow like water. It is very important to be a part of a Master Mind System Group as the interactions there are much more vivid, complex and creative when compared to a 1 on 1 session.

This particular motive provoked Susan Ross to evolve into a contributor to a Master Mind System Group such as her own, The Blue Ocean Business Coaching services. Need for an Efficient Master Mind Group: There are various mastermind groups which can be fruitful, but only few can tend to the needs of the entrepreneur. Susan Ross recalls reading about Jack Canfield, the originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Jack was part of a mastermind group of millionaires who were working to enhance their strategies that would allow them to push for being a billionaire. Jack had an interaction with Tony Robbins where he wanted to know the secret of being a billionaire and what is not allowing him to become a billionaire. Tony Robbins critically examined that all the members in Jack’s group are millionaires, and in order to enable them to evolve, they need a billionaire amongst them. This would change their mind set and compel them to think like a billionaire.

Thus, interactions with diverse groups are very important to learn important things that they will not from people of their own background. This is what Susan Ross meant by an Efficient Master Mind Group. Susan Ross also believes that they are 5 categories of issues which engulf the business world. They are Mindset, Vision, Value, Purpose and Goals. Most of the problems faced by entrepreneurs come under these 5 categories.

Susan Ross also shared light on the inception of the Master Mind Group System. She said she was highly influenced by the group system based on Napolean Hill and Thomas Edison; this compelled her to take coaching in business college and apply its knowledge in service to others. Individual Coaching Service Vs. International Coaching Service Companies: Susan Ross had been offered various jobs in some of the most prestigious International coaching service companies.

However, she preferred her own individual service more than that of any international company for various factors. Few of the drawbacks were team leaders had to recruit members who might not be cooperative. The entire service for very expensive and unethical.

Susan Ross: The Steps used in order to come to an amicable strategy:

-Most members need help to identify the problem their business start ups are going through.

The perfect consultation process starts with identifying the problem that is causing a hindrance to the growth of the startup. -When a problem has been put up by the client, there is a need to ask a clarifying question in order to determine the actual situation. Susan Ross explained that a particular situation may look as a problem in the eyes of a person but might not pose to be the problem in the eyes of another.

Thus, it is important to determine the need of change and the degree of reason behind such change. -The facilitator has to make sure everyone’s opinion is heard and taken into consideration.

-After the initial questioning and answering has taken place, the issues or problems are established are framed.

-After the establishment of an issue, the main work starts where the parties work towards improvement and development through various suggestions put up by each other.

-Commitment to the group is very important as all decisions taken in the group are bound to effect the member’s life in a direct or indirect manner. – Accountability is perhaps the most important stage of the process as the time we can find out whether the person is implementing the new strategies into the working of the business start up or not.

-Goals are set after every meeting, and it is important for the people concerned to work towards the goal in order to have some substantial change in the working of the business.

Susan Ross’s Take on the Challenges faced by the coaching service industry: Susan Ross believes that the coaching service industry is a very diverse and global industry. Customers of different statures need coaching service for their own means and purposes. There are no rules and regulation which restrict any coaching service, and it is very free and open to change.

Susan Ross believes that the coaching service industry is still evolving and growing. There are allot of opportunity for people who want to enter this world of coaching services, and if they gain necessary requirements to be a coach, they can easily flourish in their concerned sector of coaching. Susan Ross also pointed out few of the ingredients that customers should look out for before they choose their coaches. Most of the coaching services are good, but only few can tend to the needs of the customers. Good research is very much required.

Susan Ross: Services

– 6 Weeks Business Makeover: Wake Up and Shape Up your business.

– Online and Books which provide tools, templates, Organization and Sales tactics which provide excellent results for business development, Susan Ross keeps in touch with her followers through Facebook updates and the personal Blue Ocean website. She presently resides in Nevada.

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