Superb Systems, Inc. – CEO Chavdar Iliev – Top 6 Ways To Improve Your Web Page Before You Build A New One

Are you thrilled looking at the conversion rate for your current web page?

Technically, the answer to the above question has to be a big “NO,” despite a good ranking for your web page on the various search engines. Why a NO? Despite a good conversion rate, chances are you could enhance the conversation rate and your web page could do a lot better than this.

Also, you would have never realized that you were losing out on making more money until you measured, improved and tested out changes.

What is a Conversion Rate?

For those who are extremely new to “conversion rates,” let me tell you that there are distinct tactics that one can easily employ to understand and improve your web page conversion rate.Number one is that you must get your hands on the main page of your website known as the “inconsequential page.” One quick tip is that you should be executing that page as your “practice page” in order to figure out your web page traffic and when you are identifying the “do’s and the dont’s” during your analysis.

Let’s cover 6 Quick Tips on how CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) can be a blessing in disguise:

  • Make a web copy of your old page first. Keep in mind that the “original web page” content (before you try to improve it) is important. Its purpose is to pass on the message to the visitors. You must highlight the qualities of the products and services that you are offering your target audiences. Give them a “wish-list option,” where they can inquire about the service/product. This helps to keep the visitors more engaged on the website and well informed. Also, keep in mind the SERP concept (Search Engine Results Page) that people rely on. They believe the higher the ranking of the page, the better the services that particular website provides them. The idea is: the learning you get from the old site can be applied to make an ever better new site than before.
  • Usability: The fundamental element to make a website successful is to increase its usability. You can increase sales/signups/registrations even in the last few weeks/months before your new site goes live. If you notice a rise in the “bounce rates” and you are having poor conversion rates, you may have a confusing web platform. Do not ignore the search engine rankings, they are important. With a multivariate testing you can nudge up your visitor conversions to a higher rate.
  • Multivariate Testing: Use trial and error and test the various variables including the interaction of the visitors from every procedural part of your web page. Via this you can easily make an analysis of the page layout. Conversion rate optimization should happen all the time regardless of a new site development.
  • Testing and learning: You need continuous tweaking as well as analysis when it comes to utilizing the Conversion Rate Optimization technique. Testing and learning about messaging will be applicable to both the old and new sites, as well as other marketing efforts.
  • Do not be Data Driven: A new website shouldn’t dictate to you what and when you make improvements. Make sure you focus on the improvement of the website without degrading the content. Make sure your data is perfect. Testing and improving should become a way of life – becoming data-driven doesn’t have to wait for a new site.

  • Smart Tip: Make regular improvements right away! This will help with your SEO ranking presently and also afterwards when your new site gets launched.

About Conversion Rate Testing

When you test and make improvements to your web page initially, you’ll find that you need to keep testing and refining the page for the best results. Remember, testing is a repetitive process employed by successful business people on a regular basis. You might carry over poor converting aspects of your old site (i.e., the copy that is causing problems).

A “perfect ten” conversion rate is akin to a fairytale. But, don’t just settle for a low conversion rate, reach out for success. Continuous analysis is the key to improving the performance of your website.

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