Styliff Tech Makes Name for Itself as Go-To in Med Tech App Development

Yet, in a med tech space that, in 2017, included more than 325,000 apps, it takes a some big chops to stand out. But one London app development studio is doing just that. Meet Styliff Tech and its founders, Grega Trobec, CEO; Charlie Regis; and Lucas Poelman – an organization fast making a name for itself as the go-to partner for accelerating growth for medical, health and wellness start-ups. They also launch their own solutions in the health space. 

The business was born of tennis, cocktails, big ideas and a shared dream of revolutionizing digital products. Today the business they launched in 2015, boasts a client roster that includes a mix of high growth start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Especially when it comes to medical apps that get results.

Styliff has earned a leadership position among agencies in London in that arena and is working with

companies in the NHS Innovation Accelerator to support proven innovations across England’s NHS that benefit patients and populations across the country. It has been honored with global innovation awards and earned a seat at the table of such elite worldwide organizations as the Founders Institute, Founders of the Future, TMZ of Toronto and MaRS – an innovation incubator in Canada that supports the country’s most promising start-ups in growth and solving society’s biggest challenges, including those in healthcare.

Styliff uses its team’s expertise in UX/UI design, front- and back-end development, machine learning, AI, and chatbots to design and develop apps that are user-friendly, visually engaging and impactful. In addition to med tech and health and wellness, the company been making noise in arts and music industries.

“As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have unique perspective to what our clients’ obstacles and opportunities may be. We create innovative technology with those things top-of-mind to help them accelerate the trajectories of their businesses,” explained Regis during recent interviews on Business Innovators Radio Network and in Small Business Trendsetters magazine. “We also honor our entrepreneurial roots by serving as a tech partner for incubators and accelerators to help early stage startups get funded. Supporting entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry has been especially meaningful to us.”

“Think about it. On average, people use nine apps a day. So, if you want yours to be among those people turn to, you need to build something exceptional because the standard is so high and the choices are so expansive,” added Trobec. “One of the most important things a start-up can invest in is a platform that they can continue to build upon rather than rebuild. And when it comes to med tech, app development is an essential.”

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