Streamography Founder Andrew Nicastro Creates St. Peter’s Fiesta Mobile App

You don’t have to be in Gloucester, Massachusetts to experience the St. Peter’s Fiesta, thanks to a new mobile application developed by Streamography founder and Gloucester native, Andrew Nicastro. The St. Peter’s Fiesta App Nicastro created includes live-streaming video of Fiesta events to allow anyone to watch them in real-time.

The annual St. Peter’s Fiesta is steeped in tradition. Its history goes back almost ninety years as a religious celebration to honor the Patron Saint of Fisherman, St. Peter. Nicastro’s free app provides historical information on: the traditions of the St. Peter’s Fiesta, the seine boat races and the famous greasy pole contest along with a complete event schedule, live streaming, and an on-line store to purchase Fiesta gear.

Streaming live video of events is Nicastro’s magic. “I can help organizations think outside the box when it comes to sharing their events with an audience that is unable to attend in person,” stated Nicastro.

Beth Forbes, Director of Communications at St. John’s Prep, a Streamography client, confirms there are many applications for Nicastro’s services. “Andrew broadcasts our sporting events, commencement ceremonies and even memorial services for alumni who have passed,” she said, “It means so much to the families who can’t be there.”

Before he even knew how the technology worked, Nicastro saw a need for live video streaming. It came to him one day while he was helping one of his friends, a disc jockey, at a live event.

“I thought, ‘Wow, this event would be perfect if it could be watched live,’ and that is where it all started,” remembers Nicastro. “I knew there were organizations out there that would love to have this service, so I researched the technology and used my skills in resourcefulness to enable myself to do it in a cost effective manner.”

The wow effect is evident in the reaction to the St. Peter’s Fiesta mobile app. Word spread quickly via social media, resulting in close to one thousand downloads in the first twenty-four hours of its release.

“For anybody out of town who would like to watch the Greasy Pole and Races, but can’t make it to town, Andrew Nicastro has created a St. Peter’s Fiesta app that will live stream the events,” posted Tommy Brancaleone on facebook.

In another facebook post, one of the participants in the annual greasy pole contest, Marty Behsman, expressed his appreciation to Nicastro for the app: “Thank you for the app my friend, my parents get to watch me snap down sat flag now,” referring to the contest to be held on Saturday, one of the three days this event is scheduled to take place.

The winner of the contest is the first one to grab the flag at the end of a telephone pole affixed to a platform in the ocean. The pole is covered in grease, hence the name.

Nicastro explains how his mobile application provides a solution to a problem. “I was always going to live stream the events, but I needed a way to give everybody the ability to watch them; an app makes it easy for people to find your broadcast.”

Kerry Gallivan, CEO of Chimani, LLC, a maker of apps for the outdoors, developed his first mobile app to solve a problem as well. “I wanted more information about the mountain and the trail I was on. I couldn’t find it, and I figured there were other people in the same situation,” Gallivan has said in the past. “It was a solution to a problem I had experienced.”

The St. Peter’s Fiesta App is available on the Apple iPhone App Store, on Google Play or on Amazon. Search for “St. Peter’s Fiesta.”

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Authority Media Marketing Consultant Stephanie Miller is a Gloucester native and a great granddaughter of Salvatore Favazza, the originator of St. Peter’s Fiesta. She writes about business owners who make a difference in their communities. You can bet she’ll be watching the events live on her iPad. To be considered for a future article, use the contact form on

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