Stewart Alexander – Medical Marketing Agency Serves Medical Practitioners in San Francisco

Stewart Alexander, Online Internet Media Strategist and Podcast Host has opened a new medical marketing service for Medical Practitioners, Physicians and Dentists who want to position themselves as local medical experts on the internet.

“We have taken the time to sum up where medical professionals are going wrong when it comes to getting in front of prospective patients at the right time during an audio interview called, How to Make Prospective Patients Choose You, Over Your Competition (which was recorded together with associated in-house colleague, Emily Armitage).

The new form of healthcare marketing described in their 20 minute audio release is based specifically on true facts surrounding the challenges faced by prospective patients when seeking out information about local medical practitioners on the internet.

It contains details such as:

“Why large marketing budgets for local SEO campaigns just don’t cut it, how Medical Practitioners are totally ignoring prospective patients by not giving them what they are actually looking for online, and, what can be done to position a medical practice so it becomes the obvious choice for new patients to call.”

The audio, released by ‘’ can be listened to right on the website or downloaded and listened to on your iPod. It covers, “Why being on the first page of major search engines does not automatically qualify you as the best choice in the eyes of prospective patient”.

When listening to this part of the audio, listeners will realize the disproportionate gap between the Doctor information that prospective patients are looking for, and how little they are actually getting.

Stewart added, “Go ahead and type your own name and practice name into any major search engine. Now imagine a prospective patients doing the same and honestly ask yourself if the information you have out there provides sufficient reasons for someone to choose you – over someone else?”

The audio also addresses the topic of, “Why patients are more interested in who a Doctor is, as opposed to what a doctor can do for them, and why, by re-targeting doctor’s marketing on the who you are aspect, it is most likely to attract more patient phone calls and practice visits than other traditional forms of marketing.

Stewart points out, “The days of providing minimal information about who you are and expecting new patients to call based on qualifications alone, are numbered to say the least. People want and need more reasons than one when choosing the doctor they want to work with”.

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