Steven Lehat Attorney Business Advocate Leads The Legal Incubator Movement

Steven Lehat Attorney Business Advocate says “The incubator movement is actually something that began in popular parlance around the turn of the century/millennium.” The concept of an Incubator was something that, in the dot com era, grew out of various companies taking young companies and creating environments for them to grow during their “incubation period,” their very formative development stage, where they would access the most basic of needs, perhaps just space, computers, knowledgeable people such as lawyers, accountants, IT folks, that would empower them to get the training wheels they needed to get started.

That kind of concept, of course, came and went with the dot com bust but is a concept which is still with us today and used in various measures. There exists a law business environment where new lawyers expected to go to law school then get a job with a law firm, gaining experience and then maybe or maybe not starting their own firm. That wasn’t necessarily on the table for many, if not most, law graduates.

Taking a page from the incubator period it is possible to take these graduates and direct them, as an incubator would, on the most basic of things that they would need to operate a law office and to grow that law office. At some point they could function successfully, either as solo or small firm attorneys, and be able to prosper as a result of working with them in the incubator. In the current milieu of law schools, there has been a graduation from what was called the legal clinic, which was more or less working with low and no-income type clients, to an incubator type model. That model was still working with some of those clients, but was trying to graduate the participants in the incubator into full-fledged attorneys that could carry on their own law office.

The kinds of law that they practice is more public service type things, such as real estate, land lord – tenant, family law, things of that nature. Rarely, if ever, would anything such as business type subjects which would include contracts, entity and formation, intellectual property and the whole plethora of different types of law that one gets involved in in that space.

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