Steve Broe at Career Impact Coaching Announces New Program to Help Project Managers in Response to Career Upheavals and Uncertainty in Corporate Work

Dr. Steve Broe, an executive coach and founder of Career Impact Coaching has started a program to help project managers create new career options and earn an above average income at a time when many corporate employers are cutting hours, reducing team sizes, and offering less employment security to the people who lead project teams.

“The problem is that many project managers have dedicated decades of their lives to serving their companies, developing special skills and talents which are highly valuable and useful to corporate employers,” said Dr. Broe. “Then the economy has changed, and technology has changed, and the companies suddenly decide to shift direction. As a result, some of these mid-level managers fear layoffs and reentering the job market, enduring months of unemployment and forced lower expectations.”

“The team members, stakeholders, and project managers involved in executing the program today are likely not to be the same team members, stakeholders, and project managers supporting the program three to five years from now,” wrote James Brown, author of The Handbook of Program Management (2008).

“The project manager is judged on the triple constraint of time, cost, and scope of the project,” Brown (2008) continued.  However, he observes that the project manager is often held responsible for policy which he or she did not create, and is often blamed for the unsuccessful outcome of the project under his or her management (adapted from The Handbook of Program Management, 2008).

A certain group of highly skilled project managers may be looking for career alternatives – especially those involving an entrepreneurial direction.  Dr. Broe has developed an executive coaching program specifically for the mid-career project manager who is thinking about leaving corporate employment and working as a project or portfolio consultant.  Many of these professionals have all the technical skills in their field that they need to work successfully as an independent.

Dr. Broe’s program will help the project manager establish a new career as an entrepreneur.  In some cases, the new consultant may sell his or her services to their former employer, and earn a multiple of their previous salary.

Working since 2008 in this field, Dr. Steve Broe has collected stories of successful career transitions.  He has documented the five most important factors that a career changer needs in order to become a leader in a new business. These five factors can be used by anyone to get ahead in a new career.

“Steve is one who defines an issue in depth, yet can explain that issue so anyone can understand it, and that is a true gift, he is a gifted man.  Steve is, in addition to that incredible gift, a man who is also full hearted and helpful to others, and that is the most spectacular aspect of this leader- he is one who is concerned about others.” (DR, a business owner based in Louisiana).

From RW, a business owner in Florida, [Dr. Steve has] been an invaluable mentor and coach as I have made the transition from the corporate world to the owner of my own company, Career Impact Coaching has helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses while providing me a well-organized path toward achieving the goals that I have set for myself. . . .  I could not have come this far, this quickly, without your guidance and support.

A project manager in Phoenix wrote, “Dr. Broe’s enthusiasm for people succeeding in their passion was clearly shared and loved the unambiguous plan to pursue our passion. Even common sense methods are best communicated with examples which I recall he gave many. The factors are a new view for me of working the outline for success. Based on the presentation I already started brainstorming thoughts of my passion and how that could translate to paid work.”

To find out how to begin a new career working as the owner of your own project management business, call Dr. Steve Broe at 602-299-0576 or visit his website at