Spring Cleaning Can Keep Ice Melt From Ruining Carpet And Floors

Your carpet and floors don’t look as good at the end of winter. Ice melt salt is a HUGE cause. Every time you walk in your home or step into your vehicle, you track in these harmful chemicals.

One company in Colorado Spring, CO is educating the public to dangers these chemicals can have when tracked inside a home or office. It’s not only bad for the flooring, it can also be bad for the inhabitants.

What does ice melt do to your carpet and rugs?

Your first step of prevention is vacuuming. Vacuum very well so the salt crystals don’t get embedded deep into your carpet backing. However, vacuuming isn’t all you need to do. Many types of ice melt cause a sticky residue that can cause ugly spots and traffic wear. To prevent this, a thorough carpet or rug cleaning needs to be done after the ice melt is tracked inside. This should be done by the end of winter.

What does ice melt do to your floors?

First, the oily residue can be slippery on some floors, which can cause falling hazards. Secondarily, the floor finish can be compromised. Frequent sweeping and mopping is necessary throughout the winter to prevent major damage. But even with constant maintenance, the chemicals used in ice melt can damage the finish of hardwood, tile grout, natural stone, and vinyl. A professional deep cleaning should be done every 1 – 2 years along with evaluation of the sealer on your floor.

What about your kids and pets?

Ice melt can be toxic. Your pets may lie on the floor and get the ice melt absorbed into their fur. Your kids may do the same. Once the ice melt chemical is on them, it can be easily transferred into their mouths.

Annalise Striedieck, owner of Extreme Clean Carpet and Upholstery, Inc. in Colorado Springs, Colorado, said, “Especially in the spring, we work hard to make sure carpet and floors are thoroughly cleaned. We want our clients homes to be as healthy as possible, so we give all the carpet and floors we clean extra rinsing in the springtime. This combined with rinsing agent can help wash away salt melt reside to make the home more healthy and help carpet and floors last longer.

Extreme Clean Carpet and Upholstery, Inc services the Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding areas. Visit their website at http://www.cleanedbyextreme.com or call (719) 592-0707.